Asset Tracking software for healthcare

Keep track of medical equipment, delegate responsibility, and make better decisions for your patients.

Track your assets to deliver better care

People's lives depend on your efficiency. Keep an accurate register of your what equipment you have available, with seamless check-in and check-outs, to better run your hospital.

Reduce malfunctions & breakdown frequency

Specialized equipment is expensive. When they break down, you lose time and money. Schedule regular preventive maintenance check-ups and minor repairs to keep your equipment working better, and increase their life-cycle.

Simplify your Resupply and Inventory Keeping

  • Receive alerts and notifications whenever supplyquantity dips below set levels
  • Check available stocks at all locations in a single view
  • A cloud-based inventory system with search and filters helps you find equipment when you need it most

Track your assets during location transfers

  • Create sign-off sheets whenever an asset is moved between departments or hospitals
  • Assign equipment to particular employees for responsibility
  • Use RFID, QR Code, and Barcodes to quickly scan all your equipment & prevent thefts and losses

Keep Lean by eliminating wastage

  • A detailed repository helps to track everything you own and who’s accountable for them. Surgery tools, fixed assets, or even ambulances! Everything is covered.
  • Lower storage costs by eliminating excess buying of equipment
  • Automatically upload the data to Asset Infinity
  • Create custom fields and categories
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