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Asset Management Solution for Efficient Office Equipment Tracking

Asset Management Solution for Efficient Office Equipment Tracking

Asset Management Solution for Efficient Office Equipment Tracking

You might be holding a new office or just restocking your current office or an already equipped office. In any of the cases, you will have a huge list of assets and equipment furnished in your office.

This list of assets and equipment furnished in your office will include various categories of items like:

Office Furniture & Equipment:

  • Desk & Chairs
  • Client Seating
  • Labeling Machine
  • Photocopier

Computer Hardware & Accessories:

  • Desktop computer & Monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Printer
  • PowerPoint Projector

Computer Software:

  • Word processing software
  • Virus protection software
  • Website building & maintenance software
  • Payment processing software

General Office Supplies:

  • Business cards & Envelopes
  • Stationery
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Postage Stamps

With all the assets and equipment, the value of an asset management solution increases too much extent. IT Assets are one of the important parts of office space.

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Why Office Asset Management Solution?

As IT assets do not receive that much attention as they need, they start to lose their participating factors.

From inventory to capital expenditures to office supplies, the office is always in a need to acquire these new assets.

Therefore, proper office asset management software system will enhance operational efficiencies and reduce the chance of asset-related fraud and theft.

Office asset management solution allows you the full visibility of your IT assets and inventory and gains its in-depth understanding, with the following elements:

  • Existing systems and equipment
  • Components location
  • Usefulness of assets
  • Cost of assets
  • Date of purchase of an asset
  • The expiry date of the asset
  • Asset's business service

The visibility level of asset details helps the office to improve the infrastructure's efficiency and performance; to minimize the related overhead expenses.

Office Asset Management Solution

Benefits of Office Asset Management Solution

The office asset management solution helps an office to keep the record of all assets and equipment that are purchased and rented.

The benefits of effectively managed IT assets for the office are:

  • Assets visibility & control
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Audit requirement compliance
  • Regulatory requirement compliance
  • Reduced costs of software and hardware
  • Support for changes and projects of the organization
  • Alignment of asset costs to services
  • Give configuration data for service management
  • The data source for accurate decisions
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Advantages of Office Asset Management Solution

1. Controlled Inventory

Office asset management solution provides you with the ease of view of hardware and software components of the office like computer, server, or any other network infrastructure. Visibility across all the IT assets provides you with better IT administration control and accountability.

2. Asset Lifecycle Management

For hardware and software, there are limitations with their disposal or replacement date. Office asset management solution helps in keeping track of hardware asset purchase, its useful period, asset disposal, etc.

This information is used to make a decision on the replacement of old or faulty hardware, the uninstallation of an unsafe application, or updating of any system or to know when to extend or renew a contract with a vendor or hardware or software provider.

3. Strategic Inventory Planning

When the IT assets of an office are tracked, it becomes easier to plan the future amount to be spent on assets. A centralized and streamlined office asset management solution allows you to scan your entire network, hardware, and software, and view inventory data with storage capacity for storage utilization analysis and budget planning.

4. Increased Accountability

Regular track of IT assets and their automatic updates through office asset management software helps you to monitor hardware and software of computer networks or if harmful software/hardware is installed.

Allowance to system administrators to quickly isolate unsafe/outdated software, unprotected games and unauthorized downloads makes it easier for an office asset management system to check the potential risks to be prevented before a major problem arises.

5. Automated Asset Discovery

Earlier IT assets and inventory were managed using manual, paper-intensive processes, spreadsheets which highly prone to inaccuracies and inconsistencies or manual entry or updates were required.

With office asset management solutions and integrations with system and network monitoring tools, the process has been made simpler, quicker and automated on asset discovery tools.

6. Real-time Information

Real-time information is one of the most important features of any software. An office should always know about the correct and accurate information about their IT assets.

From the current quantity of assets to their current location to the quantity that is utilized and by whom. All the information in real-time helps in managing the daily task and operations of the office.

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7. Alerts and Notifications

The office asset management system keeps you updated by sending notifications and alerts on each activity. So, you shall always be informed about the updates of your assets. You will regularly receive alerts and notifications about the expiry of the software license, scheduled asset maintenance, etc.

8. Depreciation Management

Depreciation is an accounting process through which the office can calculate the value of an asset that declines over time.

Whenever a financial statement is made, it includes depreciation expenses to distribute the amount which it has acquired in the financial year like the number of buildings, machines, or equipment.

Depreciation Management counts on the following:

  • Method and Rate of Depreciation
  • Useful Life of Asset
  • Scrap Value of Asset

9. Mobile-Friendly Interface

Most of the IT assets are manageable from the desk itself but some physical assets like big machines & equipment also need an inspection. In this type of scenario, the mobile application feature of the office asset management solution really comes handy.

You can track your asset on your mobile phone just by entering a few necessary details in the application. You do not have to go back to your office and then write detail about it.

The office asset tracking and management software has the mobile application feature to empower you to use office asset management solutions easily, anywhere and anytime.

10. Cloud-based technology

Cloud-based technology offers a lot. It provides several advantages to your office. Now, you don't need to depend on your IT teams to install the software, patches & updates; the cloud itself will take care of these things.

In addition, whenever the software solution gets a new update, or any new feature is launched it will automatically receive the same. Cloud-based technology is very helpful and saves your office and organization a lot of expense.

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With the vast amount of IT assets in an office, it becomes essential for the offices to acquire office asset management solutions. It will help the offices in a great way to handle and manage their IT assets without any hassle.

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