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Which Industries Are Using RFID for Asset Tracking?

Which Industries Are Using RFID for Asset Tracking?

Which Industries Are Using RFID for Asset Tracking?

For Asset Management RFID is one of the best successful evolved technology. There are several industries that are using RFID for Asset Management.

But we know, there are a lot of people who don't clearly understand the term RFID Technology. So, with just a basic introduction to RFID Technology, we will discover what are the industries that are utilizing RFID Technology.  

RFID is the short form of Radio Frequency Technology. It is used via a tag. A tag is put on the asset and the reader scans the tag through which it fetches all the details of the asset. It works on frequency-based technology.  

Since we have covered the basic introduction of RFID, let's go through our main topic. Industries that are using RFID for Asset tracking and management.  

There are several industries that are using RFID for Asset Tracking, but we will go through a few main industries.  

Health Care Industry

In the last few years, it has been noticed. That there are several big brands that are using asset tracking techniques in the health care industry. They are using it for several reasons such as making a systematic process for asset management. Some other reasons are -

Patient history records -

On the hand of a patient a wristband is girded which has RFID. Through this RFID the hospital keeps track of the patient. It maintains the record of the patient.

When the patient is admitted for a long-time RFID helps the doctor to know if the patient is allergic to any medicine. The historical record of the patient also assists in surgery providing crucial information.

Keeping surgical tools tracked & clean -

A hospital own lots of surgical tools and each of them is costly. These tools come in all sizes, the small tool can be lost easily, or someone can steal. With an RFID tag, you can always keep track of your tools. Every tool is important in a hospital.

Also, the hospital can keep tools maintained with Asset management. We know every tool needs to be cleaned, sterilized & kept sharp. So that each surgery can be done without any problem.

Maintaining medicines inventory -

How much medicine is left in stock? Which medicine is getting expired soon? An effective asset management system can answer the above-mentioned questions easily. It also assists hospitals in knowing the stock level and its location. With the RFID tag, you can get accurate information about stock & inventory easily.

Maintenance of big equipment -

There are many big machines available in the hospital such as Stretchers, MRI machines, X-ray machines, Radiology equipment, CT-Scan, etc. And they all need maintenance but how are you going to maintain them all on your own?


No, with RFID Asset Management! You can keep all your maintenance records at your fingertips, and you will receive notification for maintenance of each and every particular equipment. So that each piece of equipment won't disappoint at the most important time.  

Hospitality Industry

Asset Tracking in Hospitality Industry

Just like the health care industry, the hospitality industry can also enhance their business with RFID technology. It's important for the hospitality industry to consistently look for approaches to upgrade their customer experience and improve operational efficiencies.

RFID technology offers a cost-effective solution for increasing the hotel's efficiency. How about we take a gander at how RFID can be helpful in the hospitality area.  

Tracking item and inventory -

The hotel has a lot of inventories such as Bedsheets, comforters, staff uniforms, towels, and other laundry items. It's important that the customer gets it on time. Because service is very important for the customer. These types of inventories come into use on a regular basis.

Therefore, it increases the chances for theft, loss and it is where RFID Tag plays an important role in Inventory tracking.

Upkeep valuable items -

A hotel has many valuable items such as well-furnished carpets, electronic equipment, chillers. These heavy equipment need maintenance need on time otherwise it can create cataclysm and disturb your business operations.

You can maintain them without any problem via RFID Technology. It maximizes the ROI (Returns on Investments). RFID innovation offers picks up route past operational efficiencies to the hotel business.

Customer care quality -

RFID Asset management enhances customer service quality and performance. When product quality is good and customer satisfaction increases than chances are customers will return again.

It enhances brand quality and creates faith & loyalty in the customer. RFID Asset management also assists in running operations smoothly.

Vehicle Industry

Asset Tracking in Vehicle Industry

Vehicles are the key elements of the supply chain and it is one of the biggest industries in the world. Big vehicles such as trucks are used to carry raw material from one place to another.

In the past, there was a lot of problem due to inaccurate information. Since the RFID came into the industry this problem has reduced drastically.

Cab agencies also use RFID to keep track of their vehicles as well as drivers. In India, if cabs are found without RFID then they will penalize with a huge amount. The other benefits of RFID implementation in the vehicle industry are given below

Real-time information -

When your truck is moving for delivery you get updates on a regular interval. You can tell your client the exact information about how much time the product will be delivered.

Identification -

RFID ensures that the right driver drives the assigned vehicle to keep track of the efficiency of the employees. Every driver has RFID inbuilt in their ID Card assigned by their agency or company. Other than it also records if an employee's working hours, overtime, etc.

Other than this RFID can also be used for Vehicle tracking, Asset management, Document tracking Security, Supply chain visibility & Goods level inventory, or stock tracking.


It does not matter what is your business is, either it is on a big level or small. Each company has assets either they are few in number or many. Keeping a record of every asset, that matters.

How the asset is performing, that matters a lot. Is it taking too much maintenance than its requirement? If yes, then you can sell it and buy a new one. These types of questions you can easily answer with RFID for Asset Management.

It also provides you with more information through which you can make a better decision for your organization. Overall it increases your productivity and helps you to grow your business.

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