Mobile Audit

Mobile Audit of Assets with Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity's Mobile Audit feature empowers organizations to conduct efficient and accurate audits of their assets on the go. With a user friendly mobile app, auditing teams can easily scan assets, verify their condition, update information, and reconcile discrepancies, ensuring comprehensive asset tracking and compliance.

Periodic Asset Auditing

Customers utilize the Mobile Audit feature to conduct regular audits of their assets to verify their existence, condition, and location. This ensures that asset records remain up to date and accurate.

Asset Maintenance Checks

Mobile Audit aids in tracking maintenance activities by allowing field technicians to update maintenance status, record servicing details, and schedule follow-up actions.

Loss and Theft Prevention

With Mobile Audit, organizations can quickly identify missing assets or discrepancies, enabling timely actions to prevent asset losses and enhance security.

Mobile Audit Applications

Warehouse and Inventory

Logistics and warehousing companies utilize Mobile Audit to conduct inventory audits regularly, ensuring accurate stock levels and
minimizing inventory

Healthcare Equipment

Hospitals and medical facilities perform mobile audits on medical equipment, such as infusion pumps and diagnostic machines, to ensure they are well maintained and meet regulatory standards.

IT Asset

IT departments use Mobile Audit to verify the status and location of IT assets, such as laptops, servers, and networking equipment, helping to maintain data security &

Fixed Asset

For organizations with a vast array of fixed assets, Mobile Audit streamlines the verification process, ensuring all assets are accounted for during financial audits.

Facility Maintenance

Facility management teams leverage Mobile Audit to track maintenance activities, ensuring that essential systems, like HVAC and electrical equipment, are well maintained and operating efficiently.

Oil Rigs and Off Shore Platforms

In remote off shore locations, such as oil rigs and offshore platforms, Mobile Audit allows personnel to conduct asset audits without relying on constant internet connectivity. Auditors can update asset information in real-time and synchronize data once astable connection is available.

Mining Sites

In rugged mining environments, where assets are spread across vast areas, Mobile Audit enables mining companies to efficiently audit heavy machinery, vehicles, and safety equipment, ensuring compliance
and reducing downtime.

Secure Facilities and
Military Bases

In high-security areas, like military bases and government facilities, Mobile Audit facilitates asset verification while maintaining data confidentiality. Offline access ensures that asset audits can be performed without compromising security protocols.

Remote Conservation

For organizations involved in conservation efforts in remote wilderness areas, Mobile Audit helps track and manage assets like monitoring equipment, cameras, and research tools, supporting wildlife and environmental preservation initiatives.

Why Customers Choose Asset Infinity for Mobile Audit of Assets


Convenient Mobile App

Asset Infinity's mobile app is user-friendly, enabling auditing teams to easily scan and update asset information on the go

Real-time Data Sync

Mobile Audit data is synchronized in real-time with the central asset management system, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest asset information.

Customizable Audit forms

The Mobile Audit feature allows organizations to create customizable audit forms tailored to their specific asset tracking requirements.

Offline Access

The mobile app provides offline access, enabling audits to be conducted in locations with limited internet connectivity, ensuring seamless auditing in environment.

Comprehensive Reporting

Customers can generate comprehensive audit reports, highlighting asset discrepancies and maintenance requirements, supporting better decision-making.