Why Integrate SAP ECC & HANA with Asset Infinity?

Integrating SAP ECC & HANA with Asset Infinity offers a wide range of benefits for your asset management and data analytics needs

Centralized Asset Management
Synchronize asset data between SAP ECC & HANA and Asset Infinity, ensuring a unified and consistent view of asset information across systems
Real-time Data Insights
Leverage the high-speed data processing capabilities of SAP HANA to gain real-time insights into asset data, enabling faster and data-driven decision-making
Optimized Asset Tracking
Seamlessly track asset movement, maintenance history, and depreciation data in SAP ECC & HANA, while maintaining accurate and up-to-date records in Asset Infinity
Efficient Data Exchange
Enable bidirectional data exchange between SAP systems and Asset Infinity, eliminating data silos and improving collaboration between departments

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