Use Geo-Tagging to manage your asset locations

Geo Tagging lets you scan asset tags to update their current locations within the system instantly. Keep track of assets being transferred or on the move with ease.

Quick scan items in bulk with RFID, QR-Codes, & Barcodes

Scan your assets quickly and in bulk with using your mobile phone or leading RFID Scanners. Set up custom notifications to ensure that all scans are conducted when needed to keep your database up to date.

Full integration with your preferred map

Instantly view all your asset positions on your favourite map. Google Maps, ESRI, ArcGIS maps and more.

Sift through thousands of assets with ease

  • Filter assets by location, category, status, assigned users and more.
  • Create custom categories to help find assets faster.
  • Assign assets to users instantly.

View detailed movement histories

  • Track where specific assets have been on a map to now who was last responsible for it.
  • Get last scan location with coordinates for each asset.
  • Create detailed logs of all your equipment to prevent losses.

Detailed insights are just a click away

  • Track movement history of all assets on map.
  • Set default ‘home’ locations which are updated automatically when the asset is moved
  • Set alerts for assets which are scanned outside the defined location

Streamline your maintenance & troubleshooting

  • Track users and technicians on maps in real-time.
  • Assign tickets to the closest technician based on their locations.
  • Ensure help-desk tickets and activities are closed when users are present at the right location.

Flexible GPS & tracking options

  • Identify location with your phone’s in-built GPS.
  • View all the assets which are scanned in a specific location.
  • Carry out Geo-Tagging with other systems for places GPS is not immediately available.
  • Scan items offline in remote areas, and automatically sync data when internet is available.
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