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Common Failures – Fixed Asset Management

Common failures with fixed/physical asset management

What assets an organization owns and how much it amounts to – is a mandatory information to fulfill compliance requirements in most parts of the world. It is absolutely necessary to manage fixed assets to make sure they are accurately … Continue Reading

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Blog- Fixed Asset Accounting-2

Fixed asset accounting reports to manage acquisition or disposal of assets

Fixed assets form the backbone of many businesses. Mismanagement of any kind can cost millions in revenue to companies. Asset availability, audits, compliance, maintenance, tax and insurance costs are just some of the areas that can either save a company … Continue Reading

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Emergency Equipment Management-1

Saving lives: Emergency equipment management

Catastrophes don’t give warnings. They happen suddenly and it is important to be prepared for emergencies of any magnitude. The first order of business is to have the right safety equipment at hand. Following which, the most vital step in … Continue Reading

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The Era of Cloud Computing

The advent of internet and technology has increased the productivity and performance levels in all size of businesses. The Internet has acted as the best available resource that makes every probable thing to take place in the real and virtual … Continue Reading

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How does Asset Infinity increase Efficiency via Transparency & Control

The antiquated practice of using spreadsheets to track and manage is considered to be obsolete. Successful business is expected everywhere, but to make such success, organizations are using very mechanical kinds of efforts which are common to all other competitors … Continue Reading

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Why Electrical Contractors Need Fixed Asset Tracking & Management Software ?

Electrical contractors see the asset tracking as threat to their business model, but massive management solutions awaits those able to transform them ahead of the disordered curve. Advanced computational ways in facility management software can help electrical contractors to save … Continue Reading

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Asset Infinity Distinguished with Two Prominent Awards for 2017

When it comes to asset management, there is often little to contribute to this competitive market that would be actually recognized and appreciated by experts. This is why we share with utmost pleasure the fact that Asset Infinity was distinguished … Continue Reading

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Asset Management: Why Asset Infinity?

There’s no deficiency of advantageous organizational asset applications available nowadays. Be that as it may, the overlooked details are the main problem. Do a profound jump into the key elements and value purposes of each of those applications, and you’ll … Continue Reading

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