Warranty Tracking

Warranty Tracking with Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity's Warranty Tracking solution empowers organizations to effectively manage warranties for their assets and equipment. By utilizing advanced tracking and notification features, businesses can streamline warranty management, enhance accuracy, and optimize resource allocation for efficient warranty tracking.

Efficient Warranty Management

Seamlessly track warranty information for assets, enabling teams to stay on top of warranty periods and

Enhanced Accuracy

Provide a streamlined experience by accessing real-time warranty data, reducing errors and ensuring timely warranty claims.

Loss and Theft Prevention

Utilize warranty data to allocate resources effectively, ensuring timely claims and maximizing warranty

Data Driven decision making

Analyze warranty-related data to identify
trends & optimize warranty utilization for cost

Timely Maintenance & Repairs

Use warranty data to schedule maintenance and
repairs covered under warranty, reducing

Various Sub Use Cases

Warranty Expiration

Receive automated notifications from Asset Infinity when warranties are about to expire. Ensure timely warranty claims.


Warranty Claim

Manage warranty claims using Asset Infinity. Keep track of submitted claims and claim


Maintenance and Repair Scheduling

Use warranty data to schedule maintenance and repairs covered by warranty. Maximize warranty benefits for asset maintenance.

Asset Performance

Analyze warranty data to identify asset performance trends. Use data for warranty negotiations and replacements.

Asset Disposition
and Warranty

Handle inquiries related to asset disposition and warranty coverage. Use warranty data to make informed decisions.

Warranty Cost

Track warranty-related costs using Asset Infinity. Analyze warranty expenses for cost management

Warranty Process Streamlining

Analyze warranty data to identify areas for process improvement within warranty management. Optimize workflows based on warranty patterns.

Inventory and Asset Management

Integrate warranty data with inventory and asset management processes. Optimize inventory based on warranty expirations.


Warranty Documentation and Reporting

Maintain accurate warranty documentation using Asset Infinity. Generate reports on warranty utilization and costs.

Vendor Warranty Agreement Tracking

Track vendor warranty agreements using real-time warranty data. Ensure compliance with vendor

Spare Part Warranty

Track warranty information for spare parts and components. Ensure timely replacement of warranty covered items.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Tracking

Manage AMC agreements and schedules using Asset Infinity. Ensure compliance with contract terms and scheduled maintenance.

Warranty Contract Management

Track warranty contracts for assets using Asset Infinity. Monitor contract terms, coverage, expiration

Warranty Coverage Verification

Verify warranty coverage for assets and components using real-time data. Ensure accurate information for warranty claims.

Warranty Agreement

Coordinate warranty agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. Ensure adherence to warranty terms and conditions.


Warranty Claim Management

Manage warranty claims using Asset Infinity. Track submitted claims, claim status, and resolution

Equipment Purchase

Record equipment purchase dates in Asset Infinity. Maintain accurate information for warranty and
lifecycle management.

Warranty Expiry

Monitor warranty expiry dates using real-time data. Ensure timely warranty claims before

OEM Maintenance Guidelines

Follow OEM maintenance guidelines using Asset Infinity. Schedule maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations.

Maintenance and Repair Scheduling

Use warranty and maintenance data to schedule repairs and maintenance. Optimize asset performance and minimize downtime.

work orders

Contractor Work Reports and Invoices

Record contractor work reports and invoices in Asset Infinity. Maintain a complete history of maintenance and repairs.

Equipment Usage and Location Records

Track equipment usage and location using real-time data. Optimize asset utilization and streamline maintenance.

Purchase Orders and Inventory Records

Integrate warranty data with purchase orders and inventory records. Ensure accurate tracking of
warranty-covered items.

Warranty Coverage Verification

Verify warranty coverage for assets using Asset Infinity. Ensure accurate information for warranty claims

Why Choose Asset Infinity for Warranty Tracking

Integrated Solution

Asset Infinity integrates warranty tracking with asset management, streamlining warranty management and notifications.

Real-time Warranty Data

Access up-to-date warranty information for accurate decision-making and prompt warranty

Enhanced Accuracy

Provide efficient warranty tracking, reducing
errors and ensuring timely warranty

Data Driven Decision Making

Analyze warranty data to optimize asset performance
and warranty

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing warranty systems for a cohesive workflow and consistent data.