Complete Computer asset tracking software

Capture details of all your hardware & software assets. Manage IT systems remotely. Create custom alerts for changes in your system. Keep a log of user log-ins & other network details.

Seize control of your company assets

List all software installed on company computers used by employees, along with install dates, publisher details. Check unwanted installations that don’t comply with your company policies.

Retire & Dispose assets faster

Quickly discard or sell your equipment depending on their life-cycle, stage, or validation. Create custom workflows, sales invoices/discard sheets, and see complete asset lifetime history reports to fetch a better price.

Keep detailed records of asset usage & status

  • Maintain details about last logged in users, domains, network groups, and more
  • Trigger alerts when system settings or configuration settings are changed.
  • List all details on each piece of software installed on a system.
  • Create reports on purchases vs installed software.

Manage all your IT Asset Information from one place

  • Store all your hardware & software information with specific details such as RAM, CPU, & installed software.
  • Record serial numbers with each software for keeping track of keys and serial numbers.
  • Allocate unique asset codes based on type (laptops, mobiles, printers)
  • Filter assets by location, sub-locations and departments for increased traceability

Ensure your computer equipment is used properly

  • Know exactly which users logged in, what websites are visited, networks connected to, and more.
  • Avoid hacks and work-arounds by triggering alerts whenever the system configuration is changed
  • Keep a list of all software installed on the computer for safety and company policy
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