Leased Equipment Tracking Software

Ensure your equipment is used right and returned on time. Access all the information you need about your leased equipment. Anytime, anywhere.

Ensure your equipment is returned on time

Eliminate stress from the leasing process. Set up email and other follow-up notifications when assets need to be returned.

Track your equipment with ease

Due dates, maintenance schedules, and owners. Use RFID or barcode scanning to instantly view all the information about specific leased equipment. Assign assets to specific customers for easier tracking and monitoring.

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Simplicity & Efficiency.

  • Quick and easy to set up asset tracking software improves your workflow and simplifies your work processes.
  • Allocate unique codes to every asset, and filter them based on location, sub-location, & department to make them traceable.
  • Use Asset Infinity app’s built in scanner to scan your assets and carry out physical verification.

Check movements using check-in/check out system

  • Give permissions to leasers while staying clear exactly who’s responsible for a specific asset
  • Scan assets using Barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags
  • Create detailed reports such as monthly movements.
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