IT Asset management software

Integrate devices into Asset Infinity instantly with IT Asset Discovery tool.Connect your existing devices &monitor or configure your organization’s details easily.

Switch over quickly to the new system

Scan & upload your hardware with Barcodes, QR Codes, or RFID to add them to the system with ease.

Manage all your devices from one place

Track, oversee maintenance, and manage all your asset information on one platform.

IT Asset Discovery software containing all your information

  • Get details of all your IT assets using our agent based asset discovery.
  • Get all your hardware and software related information at one place.
  • Automatically fetch hardware details like RAM, Hard disk, CPU, etc.
  • Get details about last logged in user, domain, network group, etc.
  • Trigger alerts whenever the configuration of a system changes

Seize control of your asset usage

  • List all software installed on a system along with their install dates, version and publisher details.
  • Monitor updates installed on the system
  • Create reports based on your purchases vs active software list.
  • View unwanted installations that don’t comply with your company policies.
  • Record serial numbers with each software for keeping track of keys and serial numbers.
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