Asset Tracking Software for Non-Profits

Keep real-time awareness of all of your assets — equipment, inventory and more — with Asset Infinity’s asset management solutions.

The first step towards making a difference in the world

As a non-profit business, every dollar that comes in counts. By tracking your assets and taking proper care of them all, then you'll be able to cut down on maintenance costs, thefts, and other unnecessary expenses, and spend your money where it really matters -- helping people improve their lives.

Keep a proper asset register for your IT and mobile assets

Track offices across the globe and IT equipment (laptops, mobile phones, printers & more). Know what assets you have, their condition and where they are at all times to enable better accurate asset deployment, and make an impact on the real world.

Track equipment anywhere in the world

  • In-built Google Maps & ArcGIS integration to visually monitor equipment on the move
  • Search and filter through thousands of your assets instantly by location or department
  • Geo Tag your assetswith automatic location updates whenever they are scanned

Manage your assets on the go

  • Scan QR and barcodes via mobile app for lightning-fast audits
  • Keep working even without internet with offline capability with automatic syncing
  • Out-of-the box integration with RFID printers & readers

Protect your vital paperwork

Track and maintain delivery receipts, purchase orders, & financial/legal records. Secure your sensitive documents on our servers, and set access levels to protect your security.

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