Complete Asset Tracking for Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

Get rid of spreadsheets & Manual Data Entry. Get cleaner rooms, track your budgets, and more.

Track your asset depreciation

Estimating how much your assets are worth using only how much you paid for them is a mistake. Insurance companies, lending companies, and government determine how much you owe them based on their current value. This is why calculating your depreciation is necessary. Asset Infinity’s in-built depreciation calculator makes this a breeze.

Manage thousands of assets in one place

Large hotels with more 200 rooms usually have around 15,000 to 20,000 assets, including Chiller Plants, Water Heaters, Sewage treatment Plants, and more. However, they still rely on excel to log their details—If they manage them at all! Hotel asset management software won’t just let you organize your equipment, but also your workforce, and deliver better service to your customers.

Conduct equipment maintenance audits by phone

  • Receive alerts and notifications whenever supplyquantity dips below set levels
  • Check available stocks at all locations in a single view
  • A cloud-based inventory system with search and filters helps you find equipment when you need it most

Centralize your maintenance & upkeep

  • View maintenance activities across your whole organization in one dashboard.
  • Control costs for maintenance and spare parts.
  • Scan barcodes/QR codes/RFID to check your asset histories and purchase details.

Restock supplies quickly and easily

  • Create Purchase Orders directly by approving requests from staff.
  • Print Purchase orders from the system and send as emails to the vendor.
  • Check the status of purchase orders as open, partially received or closed.
  • Directly add assets into Asset Infinity’s register through the GRN process.

Manage your hotel utility costs

  • Let your managers record electricity, gas, & water meters to track usage
  • Receive automatic alerts and warnings when your consumption crosses the budgeted value.
  • Utilize reports help maintain consumption across stores.
  • Forecast budgets from previous utility consumption records and preventing over usage and wastage of utilities.
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