Online Inventory & Asset tracking for Education

Track all your equipment, from sports uniforms to borrowed laptops, from a centralized location.

Supercharge your administrative effectiveness

Asset Infinity acts as a checkout system for your loaned equipment. Increase your accountability and efficiency by tracking the assets you loan to students and faculty, while preventing thefts and losses.

Catalogue Everything

From computers and calculators to books, Asset Infinity lets you store &access all your asset information instantly using your existing work-flows.Do all this from your mobile phone, no extra hardware needed.

Why Use Asset Infinity?

  • Easy to use mobile system
  • A simple and cost effective solution
  • Extensive documentation makes it easy to learn & teach others
  • Scan RFID tags, barcodes, and QR codes effortlessly

How Can We Use it?

  • Alerts & Reminders boost accountability
  • Set-up and manage maintenance schedules & create systems to ensure they’re followed
  • Set access levels to delegate different school branches and departments
  • Lower maintenance costs by incorporating preventive maintenance

Customize everything to meet your unique needs

Mobile App

Use your smartphone to scan barcodes & QR codes,and access any information wherever you are.

Define User Access levels

Define permissions for different departments and levels for greater security

Responsibility & Accountability

Allocate responsibility for specific assets during moves transfers to create a chain of responsibility.

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure maintenance schedules are followed and activities are properly carried out so your equipment works long into the future.

Asset Management

Track all your assets from one central location

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