Asset tracking software for Banking & Finance

A simple way to track, maintain, and manage banking equipment. Control ATMs, manage equipment at all your branches, and oversee equipment transfers.

Better security and reliability for your ATMs

Lose less money to cash-withdrawal errors and glitch-based fraud with regular check-up & maintenance schedules.In-built Anti-theft system integrations help you protect your equipment.

Unparalleled control & management over your utility costs

Asset Infinity's web-based software helps you track electricity, rent & other basic costs at all your branches. You can also view Landlord Agreements & Contracts details.

Centralized Asset Tracking means efficiency first

  • Asset Management Information securely stored on the cloud
  • Schedule regular maintenance activities to prevent equipment from malfunctioning
  • Comprehensive location management module to locate specific assets instantly

Relocating equipment has never been easier

  • It’s easy to track ATMs & other assets available at different sites. Redeploy your ATMs & allocate approval levels & activities for each person responsible to ensure a smooth transfer.
  • Allocate responsibility to specific employees
  • Track equipment on the move using Maps Integration
  • Track equipment using RFID, QR Codes, and Barcodes

Everything you need in one centralized location

Asset Tracking

Manage your assets from purchase to disposal with detailed maintenance, movement, and usage histories.

Reports, Notifications, & Alerts

View financial information, reports on equipment depreciation, checkouts, maintenance, and more.

Manage all financial information for your assets

Approve transactions related to your sites. Physically verify & audit assets available at different sites. All from Asset Infinity's mobile app.

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