Digitize all your asset data instantly with the Discovery System

No more manual data entry. Capture and update your asset information in real time.

Ensure Up to date Information

Schedule automatic scans across your network. With automatic informtaion updates or your assets, keep track of all changes and upgrades made to all your assets

Scan and identify assets with ease

Use the barcode or QR capabilities from your mobile within the filter present in the application. Download the mobile app for asset infinity on iOS and Android to make the most of IT asset management from remote locations.

Enhanced Scanning Techniques. No More Missed Assets

  • Discover all your Windows machines with a Windows domain scan, script scan, or agent-based scan.
  • Use the network scan to discover non-windows machines (Linux, Solaris, MAC, and IBM-AIX machines), VMHost machines, and IP devices such as printers, routers, switches, and access points.
  • Maintain a secure database of all your network and domain credentials with the built-in credential library
  • Configure and employ remote control tools from within ServiceDesk Plus to take control of any Windows or MAC workstations.

IT Discovery in Asset Infinity

  • Using the Discovery Agent to manage computers & identify all your assets.
  • Use the Discovery Probe to scan for all assets within your network.
  • Use the Discovery tools to automatically capture and update accurate asset information in real time.

Aggregate Data into a Central Repository

  • Manually import all asset details from various sites using a simple remote scan technique.
  • Assign imported assets to the respective sites for easy management.
  • Schedule auto-synchronization of asset data from remote locations to the central Service Desk Plus server.

How Asset Discovery works

  • The exe file runs your client system and our application fetches up the hardware and software details.
  • Details are automatically added to Asset Infinity.
  • Continuous syncing ensures the data is always up to date.
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