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Simplifying Tracking of Airport Assets with Asset Management System

Simplifying Tracking of Airport Assets with Asset Management System

Simplifying Tracking of Airport Assets with Asset Management System

Lots of valuable assets are there at the airport and tracking each one of them is important. Valuable assets such as lifts, generators, elevators, walkways, air-bridges, surveillance systems, CCTVS, laptops, etc.

These assets need tracking for maintenance management. They also need to be saved from theft or misplacement. The airport is a complex infrastructure that needs to be maintained. So, airport asset management is required.

Airports need asset tracking software! Several airports are using it and some airports are planning to use it. According to Insight Partners,

“In terms of revenue, the global airport asset tracking market was valued at US$ 349.3 million in 2019 and is expected to reach US$ 892.2 million by 2027 with a CAGR of 13.1% from 2020 to 2027.”

Global Airport Asset Tracking Market Statistic
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What Is the Need for Maintenance in the Air Terminal?

The maintenance is required in airport venues such as machine shops, workplaces, and storage space. All these places are valuable for the airport and everything in the airport should be maintained and well-managed. If machines are not working then the airport loses business.

Here is an example, what HVAC does at the airport? It is necessary for indoors and outdoors. It also provides fresh air along with cooling and heating at the airport. Other than this, it maintains humidity and filters air. What will happen if HVAC stops functioning?

All the above-mentioned functions will not work. It can negatively impact brand reputation. Therefore, maintenance is mandatory for keeping machines and places in top condition.

What Is the Need for Asset Management at the Airport?

Airport asset management is required for managing and monitoring assets. Other than this, below we have mentioned the need for asset management.

Need for Asset Management in Airport

1. Asset Tracking

Assets help run daily operations, without them, any work will not be completed. Therefore, asset tracking is important. It lets you know the physical location of assets all the time. It provides crucial details such as asset is running state or halt state.

Asset tracking also keeps track of maintenance history. Overall, it eliminates the manual handling of assets and moves towards the automated handling of assets. It can track location, records to get a clear view of airport operation.

2. Travel Safety

Airplanes have a responsibility to make sure that passenger reaches their destination without any issue. It is also the responsibility of the airport maintenance team to ensure that all parts are working efficiently because if any small issue is ignored, the whole journey can be jeopardized.

With the software airport maintenance team ensures all parts are working and if any issue is found that maintenance is performed as per the work order.

The software collects data and information based on performance. It includes aspects such as ride quality & safety enhancement scope.

3. Business Decisions

With the software, reports, and analysis related to every important aspect such as maintenance help in making a strategical business decision based on solid numbers.

With the system, you can get information about each asset condition, forecast asset life left, and disposal notification. Moreover, data on real work achievements and expenses are utilized to improve asset abilities. Furthermore, you can get reports to report on asset performance & a total number of assets.

This software can be used for business decision:

  • With reports, you can identify the area of improvement
  • Estimate future asset performance
  • How to manage tracking expenses
  • How to control maintenance cost
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4. Prolonging Asset Life

Airport assets are very valuable and they should be maintained otherwise breakdown or asset failure can occur. Emergency maintenance can be very expensive.

To avoid unnecessary expenses maintenance shall be done on time. If maintenance is done on time then it results in increased asset life.

How Asset Tracking Is Done at the Airport for Asset Management?

For asset tracking, there are several technologies are available and they can provide real-time tracking such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), GPS (Global positioning system), and IoT (Internet of Things).

But these asset tracking technologies have their pros and cons. In the airport, some of these technologies are good for indoor tracking and some are good for outdoor tracking.


RFID tags are good for indoor tracking. They can be categorized into 2 categories active and passive. Active tags are expensive than passive tags and they have long-range. Active tags are used for large assets such as a vehicle.

2. GPS

GPS (Global position system) is effective for outdoor tracking. Several well-known brands use it such as Ola, Uber. They use it for finding the most cost-effective way and avoid traffic jams to reach destinations. With this technology, you get real-time location tracking.

3. BLE

BLE beacons are capable of indoor tracking as well as outdoor tracking. It also has the ability for real-time asset tracking without compromising accuracy. Beacons can be installed or placed at hospitals, warehouses. Now airports are also turning toward BLE technology. For best results, BLE tags are combined with other technology such as IoT or GPS.


With the asset management software, you can combine all of these asset tracking technologies to get complete control over your assets. This software also provides a dedicated panel to manage assets efficiently. Not just that, it is capable of getting a real-time picture of assets whereabouts.

Managers will get alerts and notification regarding maintenance (in case maintenance is due). Schedule maintenance or servicing according to the asset location. This software keeps everyone on the same page.

This software assists in improving the infrastructure of the terminal and security of the airport. Keep track of assets in real-time. Undoubtedly, this software has the potential to enhance the features of the airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is asset management?

Asset management is the process to monitor and manage assets effectively. Assets management is done for maintaining assets so that its life can be increased.

2. What is indoor tracking and outdoor tracking?

Indoor tracking is done when an asset is inside the premises of an organization for example airport and outdoor tracking is done when the asset is outside the premises of an organization for example vehicle.

3. Which asset tracking technology is best?

As we said above all technologies have their pros and cons some of them are good for indoor tracking some of them are good for outdoor tracking. Some are expensive and some are less expensive compare to others. So, the best technology is that fits into your business budget & requirement.

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