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How Do Mobile Apps Play an Important Role in Tracking Vehicles?

How Do Mobile Apps Play an Important Role in Tracking Vehicles?

How Do Mobile Apps Play an Important Role in Tracking Vehicles?

There is a very major change in the way organizations work now. Previously their work was not technology oriented but now with this rapidly changing environment they are making their way through technology and that allows them to stand out and act in a way that they never thought that they will. Now that the scenario has already changed enough the technologies that came up to track the assets are backed by tracking software.  

Tracking of assets is done with the help of QR codes, Barcodes, GPS and many more. It then depends on how an organization evaluates what kind of tracking they need to track a particular asset as all this depends on a few factors which are Asset Mobility, Location Accuracy, and Tracking Frequency.

Vehicles are assets for many industries such as the Manufacturing and Distribution Industries. Manufacturers track their raw material and the distribution industry track the supplies that they are making for their clients. In this blog, we will try and understand how mobile apps play a very important role in Tracking Vehicles. Let us dive right in to know more about this!

Asset Tracking

“Where that piece of machinery is at the moment?” or “What is the path through which our goods are being transported?” “What is the current status of X vehicle, the precise location of it?”  

All these questions can be answered only when you have an Asset Tracking Software in your environment and to which you have your assets matched.  

In the case of the Distribution Industry, their major asset is vehicles. It makes it very important for them to have a Fleet Tracking App Solution through which they can easily know the location of their assets, that being vehicles.  

According to Mordor Intelligence, Asset Tracking Market was valued at USD 17.14 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 34.82 Billion by 2026.  

What do we understand about Asset Tracking App Solution?

With the changing world, from manually tracking assets down to making software which is capable of tracking assets no matter where on this globe they are, we have come a long way. Now that we have this software for tracking the assets, we thought of excelling in that and that is how Asset Tracking App Solution was discovered. An app through which an organization is capable of keeping a track of their fleet no matter where they are.  

This makes it easy for them as they are not supposed to be present in front of the system within office premises when they are doing this. It makes it very feasible for them to benefit themselves with this app.

According to Allied Market Research, the global Fleet Management market was valued at USD 19.47 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 52.5 Billion by 2030.

Mobile App for Tracking Vehicles:

  • Now that we see a changing world in front of us, where people prefer working from their mobile phones whenever possible because it is easily accessible and easy to use; there arises a strong need for applications like Asset Tracking to launch themselves in the form of a mobile application.  

  • This would bring a huge change in the Asset Tracking (management) Industry, as there is a wide variety of customers present who wish to try something like this, as it is easy to use, easily accessible and performs without any hassle. 

  • If an employee wants to work out of the office, it becomes very hard for the system to allocate the device and act in real-time and present data with clarity hence it becomes the responsibility to come up with an idea of making a mobile application for same which would increase the efficiency of data represented on the software.  

How Mobile App can benefit an organization, and what is its role in tracking vehicles?

We see that the world is changing, and employees prefer things which are easily accessible to them. If they are working in a Distribution Industry let’s say, and if they are not in the office premises, but they need to track some asset (for them which is Vehicle) it can be done from wherever they are. All they need is Fleet Tracking App Solution.  

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking App are:

  • On-field assets: Fleet Tracking App Solution is perfect for tracking assets which are on the field and moving. Previously we did not have these technologies and things were difficult at times, which resulted in mismanagement a lot of the time. With this solution tracking assets have become very easy.
  • Ease of using: No matter where on the globe the employee is or no matter where on the globe the asset is, once the asset is registered in App’s data it is easy to track on a real-time basis. Mobile application is easy to understand and use, which then brings in almost zero chance of any kind of human error.
  • Inventory Count on point: When an organization uses Asset Tracking it makes it easy for them to locate their assets in real-time. When it comes to having a track of your inventory when you have large stock and your organization works at different locations, it becomes hard to track. Employees can track the assets with the use of their mobile phones by scanning the barcodes available on the assets. 

This also prevents the efforts that an employee has to make on tracking different assets by travelling to different locations, they can now manage and track all the assets in real-time through their mobile phones at any time. 


With the changing world it has become very important for small businesses to keep up with the pace because without them taking an action, they will be lost in the dust of a fast-changing environment them. To solve this problem, we are here with Fleet Tracking App Solution, which one must implement and feel the difference that it can bring.  

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What are the major factors on which it depends what kind of tracking we should use for our different vehicles?

The factors are Asset Mobility, Location Accuracy, and Tracking Frequency.

2. Name a few industries in which Fleet Tracking App Solution is important?

Manufacturing-based Industries or Supply based (distribution) use Fleet Tracking App Solution, majorly.

3. Is the Fleet Tracking App solution capable of tracking assets on a real-time basis?

Yes, Fleet Tracking App Solution is capable of tracking assets on a real-time basis.  

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