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What Are the Various Industries Implementing Indoor Asset Location Tracking Technology?

What Are the Various Industries Implementing Indoor Asset Location Tracking Technology?

What Are the Various Industries Implementing Indoor Asset Location Tracking Technology?

Lots of organizations believe that they do not indoor asset tracking as almost no assets go outside the premises of the organizations so there is no need for asset tracking. But even though their assets do not leave the premises, several assets are still lost, misplaced, or stolen.

Since there is a huge area, assets are misplaced easily which is why indoor asset tracking is important. There are several industries that are using indoor asset tracking. In this blog, we will know which industries are using and who can use indoor asset location tracking for improving their work! So, without wasting any time let us begin!  

What is Indoor asset tracking?  

Indoor asset tracking is performed inside the premises of an organization. It is helpful in providing real-time information and lets you know the actual location of every asset. Real-time information is essential to all organizations which are dependent on assets for their daily operations.

Indoor asset tracking minimizes the chances of asset misplacement. This provides valuable data that enables organizations to make a strategic approach to resolving issues. These issues are usually done in keeping assets maintained.

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Which industries are using Indoor asset tracking?  

Industries using Indoor asset tracking are discussed below:


The aviation industry covers several sectors such as airports, manufacturing units, warehouses, etc. each one of them covers a big area, and it has lots of valuable assets and each and every part must be taken care of so that it can be found easily.

The aviation industry is one of the advanced industries and one of the initial users of indoor asset tracking. BLE not only keeps track of every asset and its movement but also enhances operational work.

BLE is one of the best options for indoor location tracking of assets, especially in the aviation industry.  


Manufacturing-based organizations have lots of valuable assets and inventories that need to be tracked in real-time as assets are important to do production work. But BLE indoor tracking you can asset location in real-time.

It means you are always aware of your asset location and utilize the asset as per the requirement. When asset tracking is done manually assets are not found on time as a result production work delays and business loss can also occur.  


Healthcare industry has several assets such as costly equipment, machines, HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning), & inventories such as medicines, gloves, masks, health kits, etc. And most importantly they have patients who are dependent on nurses and doctors such as serious accidents, heart, and Alzheimer’s patients.

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These patients must be handled with delicacy and ensure that they are given medicines on time. BLE beacons are used for keeping track and monitoring their health in real-time.

You can track every patient located inside the hospital in real time with BLE technology. Furthermore, you can collect valuable data with BLE tags that are helpful in making informed decisions.  


Hotels have complicated assets that need to be monitored all the time so that you can keep assets maintained. BLE helps in improving the customer experience as staff can know when customers are out then staff can clean their rooms.

Staff can also know which rooms are available. Overall BLE is an effective technology in providing a great customer experience. Furthermore, data analytics, experiences, and social data are given by BLE.

It offers hotel staff a deeper understanding of the manner in which visitors use the facilities & amenities of the hotel.  

Information & Technology

There are several IT-based organizations that not only utilize BLE for hardware tracking but also keep track of their employees.

It enables managers to know how effectively employees are working and if any employee is taking more time to finish a task, then you can help him by resolving the issue and making your organization more productive.

Also, you can know how much time employees are spending on their system.  


BLE is one of the best options for indoor asset location tracking as it is used widely and nowadays lots of organizations are starting to utilize it in their business. These days it is important to keep track of their assets but also in terms of technology.

If you still utilize manual methods for asset tracking and using spreadsheets in daily operations, there is a huge scope for improvement in your business. Once you start using asset tracking technology along with asset management software you will notice changes and your business will grow at a great speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the market size of BLE?  

Nowadays lots of organizations are using BLE technology. According to the Industry Arc, “The global Bluetooth Low Energy Market is estimated to surpass $16.7 billion mark by 2026 growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 19.68% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026.”  

2. What are the benefits of using asset management software?  

There are many benefits of using asset management software as it enhances asset life which means asset run can work for more time. This software sends alerts & notifications for asset maintenance so sudden equipment failure is minimized. It increases asset performance and increases asset reliability as well. It provides valuable data that helps in making effective business decisions. Furthermore, this software comes with cloud technology enabling you to access data from anywhere. You can access the application from your mobile as this comes in the mobile application as well. It makes you more efficient and productive.

3. What are other technologies used for asset tracking apart from BLE?  

There are several other technologies used for asset tracking such as Barcode, QR (Quick Response) Code, RFID (Radio-frequency Identification), GPS (Global Positioning System), IoT (Internet of Things), NFC (Near field communication), etc.  

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