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Why Asset Infinity for Fixed Asset Management Software?

Why Asset Infinity for Fixed Asset Management Software?

Why Asset Infinity for Fixed Asset Management Software?

Asset Infinity is the leading company providing a cloud-based software solution for fixed asset management across the globe.

If you think that your assets remain at one place only therefore there is no need for tracking and managing them then, you still need to re-think it.

What is Fixed Asset Management?

Fixed asset management is a systematic way to develop, maintain, upgrade, and disposal of assets in the most cost-effective manner including all costs, risks, and performance attributes.

It assists in increasing the asset's life at all stages. It also improves the quality of the asset and enhances the asset management process.

The fixed asset management process keeps the details of the record of each asset in order to maintain it. Moreover, it is beneficial in providing more control over the assets.

With fixed asset management software, you can find out the non-valuable fixed assets in your organization.

What is Fixed Asset Tracking?

Fixed asset tracking is the method which enables real-time tracking over the movement of IT devices, equipment, and software within an organization.

It is the process in which you get to know an asset's real-time location.

Fixed asset tracking is an important aspect of fixed asset management.

The tracking software can scan the entire IT infrastructure for IT assets and keep its records in the organization. Some of the tasks performed by fixed asset tracking software are:

  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking of Assets
  • Maintenance Management
  • Streamline the daily operations of an organization
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Why is Fixed Asset Tracking important?

The reasons why fixed asset tracking is important are:

  • Asset Information on tips
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Real-time Information
  • Increased Productivity
  • Saving Money

What to look for before implementing Fixed Asset Management & Tracking Software?

There are a few features you need to look for, before implementing fixed asset management and tracking software:

Asset Tracking:

First and foremost, the feature is asset tracking, the software should let you know the exact details on a real-time basis. Second, it should assist in scheduling the maintenance of the asset. It plays an important role in increasing the lifespan of an asset.

Cloud Hosting:

Second, feature to look in asset management and tracking software is its cloud hosting. You should be able to look at the information about your asset anywhere, anytime.

When the software is cloud-based, it gets easy to access the application form any browser around the world with any device mobile, tablet, computer, etc.

Simple & Easy to Use:

This feature is for your comfort as the software you would implement should be very easy to use on a daily basis. Such that, finding any report should not be a complex process. The software should assist you, not burden you with its complexity.

User Restriction:

User restriction is very important and necessary to carry accurate data information. The access to multiple users would lead to many hands to maintain the data in one file which will arise confusion on the asset and who has updated the information.

The user restricted software will update the data and generate accurate information and it will be cross-checked by others allow employees and admins as well.

Size of Organization:

It is important to implement the software according to the size of your organization. Whether your organization is small-sized (10-15 employees) or medium-sized (50-100 employees) or your office has branches or not; it is important to know how many users are going to access the software.

Because there is no use if you implement the software of 10-person usage access to your medium size organization or vice-versa.

Mobile-Friendly App:

When it is discussed easy it automatically implies a mobile version of the application of any of the software nowadays. Therefore, asset management and tracking software should be mobile-friendly as well as user-friendly.

Mobile applications should be customizable to create or customize a field as per the requirement of the organization. So, you can manage the asset data and information easily.

Scheduled Asset Audit:

Audit and physical asset verification are very important to know and verify the assets you own and where they are located. It is important for calculating taxation. It also lets you schedule your own audit timeframe and receive status updates on the process.

Check-in/ Check-out:

Check-in/check-out is an important feature to look for in asset management and tracking software as it improves accuracy and reduces the time spent on passing out assets and receiving them.

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Benefits of Fixed Asset Management Software

There are many benefits of fixed asset management software, few of them are listed below:

1. Improved Asset Data:

A cloud-based fixed asset management software allows access to multiple users and updates the asset records in real-time. Without the headache of messy spreadsheets.

2. Detailed Asset Records:

User-defined fields and customizable options for making out maximum advantage and to ensure that your organization is equipped to capture all the necessary data.

3. Easy Access to Asset Records:

With fixed asset management software, you get user-friendly reporting tools for an easy process of retrieving information. These further allow you to create customized reports to save time and manage data more easily.

4. On-time Reports:

You are allowed with instant reports to meet the need for an audit, this relaxes you from manipulating spreadsheet data.

5. Automated Depreciation Calculation:

The software helps you to generate compliance accounting reports. You can also properly depreciate assets over their useful life.

6. Easy Request Managing:

The software solution also allows creating an approval process for any asset change request, with the auditable history to provide more value.

7. Automated Transfer of Assets:

With the software, you get automated access in case of any asset transfer with all the compliance, increased efficiency, and eliminated errors.

8. Maintenance of Assets:

Tracking of asset condition and its maintenance are the provided features of fixed asset management to gain an accurate picture of your fixed assets and a better budget for their replacement.

9. Assign Asset to Owners:

It is important to know where the asset is and whom it is assigned to, during the inventory or auditing process.

10. Organized Documents:

Saving documents like purchase orders, insurance policies, user guides, and images to access all information from one place.

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Why Asset Infinity for your Fixed Asset Management Software?

These are the list of things that Asset Infinity provides to manage your assets in a better way.

  • Your Assets are uniquely identified and tagged through our fixed asset management system.

  • Assets are allotted to the users or departments or the associated projects.

  • A proper approval workflow is followed for transfer, discard, and addition of assets.

  • Our Asset Management system is easy and profoundly a smartphone-based application.

  • The system is accessible from anywhere and any computing device as it is cloud-based.

  • Instant reporting of issues or problems is possible using smartphones.

  • Audits of assets are easy, cheaper, and faster using the mobile app and built-in scanners.

  • Assets are tagged to the geolocation and any deviation must be easily traceable.

  • Our Asset Management system allows only authorized access for secure handling and management.

  • You will know the exact whereabouts of your asset, all the time.

  • Asset Infinity gives you one-view-solution, to stay on top with pre-built reporting.

  • Our software is robust to cater to various businesses like sports, manufacturing, hospitality, education, and emergency services.

  • Our Asset tracking is simple with one step check-in/out with barcode, QR code, RFID, and NFC tagging.

  • A comprehensive helpdesk solution is present to manage all complaints, requests, or breakdowns with SLAs and workflows.

  • Location and category-based user roles with the relevant permissions to simplify our asset management system.

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As you read above, all the specifications regarding the implementation of fixed asset management software, keep those in mind while you should pay for any software before its implementation.

For you, Asset Infinity will be a great choice, as it covers all the necessary points you should look for in software. It also offers a free 14-day trial - no credit card required!

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