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Understanding the Power of Customized Asset Tracking Software

Understanding the Power of Customized Asset Tracking Software

Understanding the Power of Customized Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software provides several benefits and undoubtedly it is a powerful tool that assists organizations in running their businesses and daily operations. Asset tracking software offers a variety of benefits. However, we know that every business has its unique requirement and software needs to be customized as per need so that they can run their daily operation more efficiently, it can help increase productivity and make their customer more satisfied.

Below we have created a list of features that can make your product or service better and more effective with the twist of customization.

Customized Asset Tracking Software Features and Its Benefits

Customized Asset Tracking Software Features
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1. Alerts and Notifications

We know that managers are occupied with so many things that they forget some important things such as scheduling maintenance. With this feature managers are notified about the maintenance.

It means that they do not have to remember about the maintenance. This feature makes them free from this responsibility and allows them to focus on other important activities.

With the customization, you can use the alert and notification feature for some other reasons such as you can add more people to receive notification for maintenance so that more people will be alerted about the same.

Another instance of notification alert is whenever ticket management is generated then the managers are notified after which the manager allot ticket to their technician as per the work.

Whenever a technician is allotted a ticket, he is alerted about the ticket generation and technicians start working on the ticket. Incase if technician forgets to work on the ticket then again technician is reminded about the ticket.

2. Customized Checklist

We know that every work order has different needs and requirements either to perform emergency maintenance, reactive maintenance, or proactive maintenance. Each maintenance has some different types of requirements.

When there is more work pressure than usual on maintenance workers, they forget to do basic activities. But with an asset management checklist, list customization you can provide a maintenance activity list. This list can be modified with each work order so that maintenance workers do not forget activities they need to do under any circumstances.

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3. Reports

Reports are very helpful for business but we know every business has some different needs so that they can improve and enhance their business. Even when you get lots of reports with asset tracking software you feel like something is missing. Since reports are crucial to the business you would something all the expenses can be seen that is what you want in your business. These types of detail can only be seen when customization is done. This feature provides all the data and analytics of business.

Customized reports can be used for various purposes such as tracking specific or all asset performance, employee performance tracking, maintenance tracking, or tracking trend or patter to increase sales. You can set and modify frames, dates as per the requirement to make a perfect report.

4. Simple and User-Friendly View

A software or application shall not be complicated every information shall be retrieved easily. All functions shall be in front of the user. If the user does not find the required feature, he will be irritated. The software shall be simple and easy to use. So that the user of the journey is sophisticated.

A user has lots of things in mind such as finding crucial data, checking asset location or gathering asset history, the total cost of ownership (TOC), etc. you would not want that running software is one of them. When software or applications are customized, they are more flexible, they become easy to use.


A client has already few things set in mind and from there customization work needs to be done to live up to the expectations of the customer.

When software is modified as per the requirements of the customer. A client is confident that all his future objectives related to the business will be fulfilled. Customized asset tracking software not only assists in boosting productivity but also helps in managing assets efficiently.

We know that needs of customers keep changing from time to time and A customized asset management software can help organizations in various ways. As we have discussed above. In simple words, it can play a crucial role in business growth, increasing sales, and increasing productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of customized software?

1. Flexibility
2. Simple Interface
3. Easy integration
4. Personalized business
These are a few of the benefits of customized software.

2. Why maintenance is important in asset management?

Maintenance is important in asset management as equipment and assets are essential for business When assets are not in good condition then sooner or later assets will have a breakdown & your business will suffer. To avoid breakdown, assets require maintenance.

3. In which area alert feature can be used?

Alert feature can be used in:
1. Check-in check out process - As it can alert team members when an asset goes outside the premise and returns back
2. Asset management - This feature alert the team about the location of each asset.
3. Maintenance management - When asset needs maintenance team members are notified for specific asset maintenance type.
4. Inventory management - If the inventory is low in the stock then it alerts the team about the low stock and the refilling stock process begins.
5. Purchase order management - As per the purchase order, updates are sent to the team member & keeps everyone informed.
6. Work order management - When new work order arrives the team is about the work order.
7. Incident management - Whenever a new ticket is raised managers are notified and the further process begins.
8. Utility monitoring - For utility such as electric or water consumption you set an alert. It will alert the team when utility consumption goes beyond the defined level.

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