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Why Asset Management Is Important for the Education Sector?

Why Asset Management Is Important for the Education Sector?

Why Asset Management Is Important for the Education Sector?

The education industry has lots of assets and pieces of equipment that need to be managed in the right way. However, most of their assets are lost, misplaced, or need to be repaired. The reason all these problems occur is because of the mismanagement of assets. The solution is simple, that is asset management software that is built to resolve all these types of problems. What is an asset management and how important it is for the education sector? That we will cover in this blog now. So, without wasting any time let us begin!

What Is Asset Management?

Asset management provides a strategic approach for asset monitoring, tracking, and scheduling maintenance of each asset. Asset management automates asset tracking and focuses on asset lifecycle management from the asset’s initial stage to the end stage.

It provides complete asset visibility and control over your assets. It means that you are aware of asset location, who is using it, what is the status of the asset and when it will be returned, how frequently assets are utilized, and so on.

According to the Market and Markets, “The Asset Management System Market is projected to grow from USD 16.8 billion in 2020 to USD 27.4 billion by 2025; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2020 to 2025”.

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What Are the Benefits of Asset Management Software in the Education Industry?

The benefits of asset management software in the education industry are discussed below:

Benefits of Asset Management Software in the Education Industry

1. Eliminate Spreadsheet Usage

Spreadsheet utilization is one of the biggest problems that kill the accuracy of asset location. As a result, assets are not found on location as per the spreadsheet. The reason behind it is that lots of people access it and unintentionally data is changed.

Furthermore, there is no timestamp so no one can find who made the changes and when it was done. However, with asset management software you do not have to worry about data accuracy, and it eliminates all the spreadsheet-related issues as well.

2. Maximize Equipment Utilization

When you do not know where equipment is located then how can you use assets? This is where asset management software is helpful to the education industry.

With asset management software you can easily know exactly where the asset is located, then you can utilize the asset to its full capacity. These assets are helpful to teachers by providing knowledge to students in an uncomplicated way.

3. Track Equipment Usability

How frequently assed is utilized? Or not utilized at all? These types of questions come to mind, and you can get answers to these questions with asset management software.

As it provides data analytics that is helpful in tracking asset performance and asset usability. With data analytics, the organization can make informed and strategic business decisions.

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4. Asset Maintenance

We know asset maintenance is huge in the education sector. It has been seen several times that the projector does not work properly, or speakers have stopped working. This impacts productivity of the teacher and students’ study also suffers. Everyone has to wait until the problem is fixed or the event is postponed.

Asset management software permits you to plan & schedule maintenance in advance. You can plan the upkeep activities and this system will alert & notify you when the maintenance of an asset is expected. Through this preventive support, you would handily reduce certain expenses.

Additionally, this will permit you to keep every one of the resources in excellent condition with the goal that they will complete events and work processes easily.

5. Ensure Equipment Availability

Equipment availability can be enhanced by ensuring assets get maintenance on time and they do not have any kind of issue. It is very helpful in decreasing downtime and adding value to the organization.

Students gather more knowledge with visual assistance. Furthermore, when asset equipment availability increases it means that maintenance expenses decrease.


Asset management in the education sector is extremely useful. As we have mentioned, a few of the major benefits above are effective solutions for maximizing asset utilization. It boosts the efficiency of the organization.

Asset management software centralizes asset information which means you are always aware of all asset information. Furthermore, with the check-in & check-out feature organization make the user responsible to keep track of asset & it is the user's responsibility to keep the asset safe and return it after using them.

There is no doubt that the software is helpful in increasing the return on investment (ROI). This software can play a crucial role in running daily operations more efficiently.

Therefore, investing in asset management software is essential for the education sector and it can provide your business with the extra edge that you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 - What Are the Various Types of Maintenance?

There are two main types of maintenance that are proactive maintenance and reactive maintenance. Whereas proactive has predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and so on! Whereas reactive maintenance has emergency maintenance, corrective maintenance, run to failure, and so on.

Q.2 - How Are Reports Helpful in the Education Sector?

The education sector has so many assets which need to be tracked. Hence reports are helpful in understanding how frequently asset it is utilized. Furthermore, you can track asset performance, identify non-performing assets, and act accordingly. Reports are helpful in discovering issues and similarly, you can resolve issues with data. Furthermore, you can set future goals and most importantly take strategic business decisions. You can get all insights such as departmental spending and you can get these reports as per your requirement and customized reports as well.

Q.3 - What Are the Benefits of Asset Management Software?

Asset management software benefits are given below:

1. Eliminating ghost assets.

2. Reducing asset theft.

3. Increasing fixed asset life cycle.

4. Minimizing sudden equipment failure.

5. Asset availability.

6. Boosting productivity

7. Minimizing maintenance expenses.

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