Reminders and Alerts

Asset Infinitysends alerts to the technician or responsible person for maintenance before the due date to plan the maintenance smoothly on the due dates.

Field Staff Enablement

Using our Mobile App (Android or iOS) the field staff can capture Breakdown details, Inspection details, Maintenance completion details etc. on the go.

Maintenance History

By click of a button, we can know the entire maintenance history of any equipment with cost incurred on Parts and Labour.

Availability of Records on-line

It is easy to find all documents on-line related to maintenance, calibration, breakdown, maintenance contracts, warranties, Insurance etc.

Proper Maintenance will lead to Highly Efficient Production

Every machine, that is put to use on a continual basis will undergo some wear and tear which will hamper the production rate in the long run. In order to ascertain smooth functioning of the processes, timely maintenance has to be allocated to an employee. In case of any delays or negligence, an automatic reminder is escalated to the reporting manager and hence avoid any temporary or permanent breakdown. Calibration of quality and lab equipment is also necessary to match the benchmarks, setup by the industry. Every maintenance work should be catalogued using work orders and be made cost-effective with appropriate approvals from the senior managers.

Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance schedules of Plant and Machinery or any other equipment or Vehicle can be defined once in the system with frequency and responsibility. The application sends reminders and alerts to responsible person prior to due date. If the jobs get delayed, escalations are sent to supervisor.

Breakdown Maintenance

One-time maintenance or breakdown maintenance can be managed in the system. Application keeps records of time of breakdown, up-time of the machine. Cost of parts, labour used can be recorded in the maintenance activity.

Calibration Reminders

It is important for all Labs and Quality departments to do the calibration of equipment and machines asper the defined frequency and keep the record of calibration.

Work Order Management

For all kind of maintenance activities, work-orders can be created and if required, can be routed through approval workflow for cost approvals.

Utility of Historical Data and Compliance Management

Ideal working condition norms for any industry are setup by the government agencies to ensure lesser pilferage and maintain cost effectiveness during the process. Various compliances from pollution boards, local governing authorities and quality inspectors are mandatory for every industry to ensure adequate development. All these activities need to catalogued and historical data needs to be analyzed; time and again to ensure better productivity.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Most of the equipment are maintained by the OEM/Service vendors under AMC. It is possible to set reminders and alerts for renewal of these contracts and copy of the contract can also be attached to the asset for ready reference.

Compliance Management

There are multiple regulatory of industry compliances like Pollution control, Pest Control, Quality Certifications, Fire Certifications etc. These need renewals on fixed frequencies and appropriate alerts can be sent to the responsible person to act accordingly.

Maintenance History

Details of all kind of maintenance, repairs, breakdown details of any equipment can be found instantly with attached invoices and repair orders.

Handle on Cost Management

Maintenance costs can be tracked by multiple dimensions like Type of activity, Service Vendor, Category of Assets, Individual Asset, Period etc.

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