Access all the information you need using Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Create chains of responsibility, create maintenance schedules, and increase your efficiency

Track all your asset information from one place

From asset usage to responsible employees, monitor each detail of your equipment from purchase to disposal

Simplify your maintenance processes with help desk software

Supercharge your breakdown responses, repair times, and reliability with a comprehensive ticketing system.

Setting up is a breeze

  • Instantly adopt your existing spreadsheet formats categories, locations, and other fields automatically.
  • Upload all your asset details using our in-built spreadsheet tool.
  • Simple bulk update functions to keep your asset details updated.
  • Update information using existing spreadsheets by simply copy-pasting the changes from your files.
  • Update specific fields for all assets at once by just uploading the updated excel file.
  • Upload multiple files at once and link them with single or multiple assets.

Keep all your asset details at one place

  • Classify assets based on status like In Use, Out for Repair or In Stock.
  • Monitor assets based on conditions like New, Repair Needed, Damaged.
  • Configure your own status and conditions based on your business requirements.
  • Attach asset images and related files store all your purchase and financial data along with the data like purchase date, price, vendor information, warranty and AMC date.
  • Set up reminders on warranty dates, AMC renewals or any other critical dates.
  • Differentiate assets into self owned or partner owned assets. Attach assets to your customers or vendors for easy tracking.
  • Link multiple assets to create an asset group. Transfer linked assets together.

Barcode, QR Code, and RFID tracking

  • Design multiple barcode or QR code sticker templates using our built-in template designer.
  • Automatically generate asset codes from system or use your existing codes to create barcodes and QR codes.
  • Print asset stickers within the system
  • Use our mobile app to scan and check asset details at any time.
  • Tag your assets with RFID tags and use RFID handheld and fixed readers to capture asset movements automatically
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