Preventive Maintenance software

Simplify maintenance across all your facilities with customizable maintenance plans. Increase the longevity of your equipment while reducing unplanned downtimes, breakdowns, and malfunctions.

Track your assets with unmatched detail

Trace assets back through their entire lifetimeand view their movements and usage. Maintained your inventory database with different mapping tools for detailed tracking.

Assign assets to particular employees

Assignassets to employees for use or maintenance purpose. Use Barcode or QR code based Asset labels for physical verification and inventory count for fiscal year accounting.

Complete & simple Planned Maintenance Scheduling software (PMS)

  • Send reminders to technicians through mobile notifications, SMS and email. Alerts and escalations for reminders and delays.
  • Create & manage schedules based on type of equipment, department, or location.
  • Create work orders & assign them to technicians.
  • Create checklists in schedules for tasks to be done periodically.
  • Define Frequency/Occurrence of activities – daily, weekly, monthly.

Define Maintenance Schedules Based on your unique needs

  • Create maintenance schedules for single or multiple assets.
  • Define your own type of activities that recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Set reminders for these activities on the same day, 1,2,3…30 days before the activity occurs.
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