Why Integrate Asset Infinity with Zoho People?

Integrating Asset Infinity with Zoho People offers a seamless experience that allows HR teams to efficiently manage employee assets from onboarding to offboarding. By combining the asset management capabilities of Asset Infinity with the HR prowess of Zoho People, you can unlock numerous benefits, including

Effortless Onboarding
Automatically assign assets to new employees when they join, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and eliminating manual asset allocation tasks
Streamlined Employee Movements
Easily transfer assets when employees change roles or locations, keeping asset records up-to-date and maintaining organizational transparency
Automated Asset Retirement
Retire assets automatically when they are no longer in use or reach their end of life, simplifying the asset disposal process
Real-time Asset Updates
Any changes made in Asset Infinity are instantly reflected in Zoho People, ensuring accurate asset data and avoiding discrepancies.

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