Why Integrate Chainway C72 with Asset Infinity?

Integrating Chainway C72 with Asset Infinity offers a host of benefits to streamline asset tracking and data capture

Effortless Data Collection
Utilize Chainway C72's advanced barcode scanner, NFC reader, and optional UHF RFID to swiftly capture asset information and update records in Asset Infinity, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors
Real-time Asset Visibility
Empower your team with real-time asset tracking. Any changes made using the Chainway C72 are instantly reflected in Asset Infinity, providing up-to-date asset information for seamless decision-making
Enhanced Asset Security
Securely manage and track your valuable assets with Chainway C72's rugged design and Asset Infinity's robust access control, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to asset data
Mobile Efficiency
Take asset management on the go with Chainway C72's portability. Your team can easily scan and update asset information from any location, enhancing efficiency and productivity

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