Increase the Uptime of your Critical Equipment With CMMS Preventive Maintenance Software

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that works for everyone – from small businesses to enterprises. Customize Asset Infinity to suit your unique needs.

Take Control of your equipment

Preventive maintenance helps you avoid unanticipated breakdowns, expensive repairs, and reduce unproductive employee idle-times.

100% to 300% ROI

Despite the benefits of proper maintenance schedules, most plants lack effective preventive maintenance systems. The simple and straightforward activities will, over time, see a massive ROI, and will supercharge your plant’s effectiveness.

Create maintenance schedules based on your unique needs

  • Create daily, weekly, or monthly schedules depending on your preferred routine maintenance
  • Automatically schedule maintenance routines based on the set timetable.
  • Set reminders to prevent forgetfulness when carrying out maintenance.

Allocate responsibility and ensure maintenance is done right

  • Filter activities based on assignees, locations, and status.
  • In-built checklist functionality to marked activities off as they are completed.
  • See & filter lists of all activities completed by an assignee or on an asset.

Track your maintenance costs

  • Checklists with sign-off sheets to ensure the work is completed.
  • Plan and organize your work to get access to the most qualified technicians wherever.
  • Record the costs of maintenance with the related activity and inventory.

Create Tasks, Schedules, and view your assets, all in one place

  • Quickly view all programmed maintenance activities for specific equipment
  • Change scheduled activities in seconds
  • Instantly Add or delete equipment
  • Create Daily, Weekly, and monthly schedules for inspections.
  • Prevent activity and equipment duplications.
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