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What Are the Steps to Improve the Asset Maintenance Process?

What Are the Steps to Improve the Asset Maintenance Process?

What Are the Steps to Improve the Asset Maintenance Process?

Asset maintenance is an evitable activity however it should be done on time because it can result in catastrophic asset and equipment failure. Maintenance is the process of maintaining or improving asset performance. But how asset maintenance process can be improved? You will find the answer to this question in this blog, but first, let us know what is asset maintenance & what are its benefits! So, let us begin!

What Is Asset Maintenance?

Asset maintenance helps in avoiding asset failure. It can help in saving maintenance expenses and when asset maintenance is done on time it increases asset life.

Maintenance enhances asset reliability as well. Maintained assets tend to perform better and for long hours. It helps in increasing the bottom line and productivity of the business.

What Are the Benefits of Asset Maintenance?

The benefits of asset maintenance are as follow:

  1. Prolonged asset life
  2. Decreased maintenance expenses
  3. Decreased downtime
  4. Better compliance
  5. Improved asset performance

What Are the Steps That Can Be Taken to Improve the Asset Maintenance Process?

The steps that can be taken to improve the asset maintenance process are as follow:

Steps for Improving Asset Maintenance Process

1. Invest in Automated Software

When you want to improve your asset maintenance process then the first step would be eliminating manual work. This practice is prone to error and error is lethal for business. That is why organizations need to emphasize automated management of work & this where computerized maintenance management software comes!

This software schedules maintenance makes maintenance work organized. It keeps track of maintenance and alerts the maintenance team about the upcoming maintenance work. Whenever new work order is created team is alerted about the same so that they can plan accordingly.

Furthermore, it also provides data history that helps in diagnosing the issue quickly. Data can also give you insights. For instance, if a piece of equipment is having the same problem that was occurring before then the maintenance team tries a new strategy in order so that the problem can be resolved.

Many organizations understood the power of automation that is why the CMMS market is rising. According to Verified Market Research,  “CMMS Software Market was valued at USD 0.92 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 1.77 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.58% from 2020 to 2027.”

2. Provide Training to Employees

Employees are the one who does the maintenance and therefore they must understand the machines, pieces of equipment, and software. That is why software training is important.

Training employees will help in delivering maintenance work quickly. It will help in minimizing downtime & updating the status of each work order in the software.

Since this software centralizes information, the status of each work order can be seen anytime. As per the checklist, how many tasks are completed how many are left everything can be seen within the software!

When everything is organized productivity increases and complex operations can be simplified.

3. Utilize Preventive Maintenance

Maybe quite possibly the most encouraging approaches to enhance the asset maintenance process is by putting resources into a program that empowers preventive maintenance such as CMMS.

Preventive maintenance makes assets reliable because whenever a sign of failure is noticed employee schedules for maintenance and assets are given maintenance before they fail. There is no doubt that proactive maintenance is beneficial for business.

4. Keep Track of Maintenance Records

Keeping track of maintenance is important specifically when you want to improve the maintenance process. Thanks to the software, maintenance data can help organizations in understanding the behavior of a machine and it can help in predicting when an asset will need the next maintenance.

This software can provide valuable information that can be beneficial for the assets as well as business. When you have important information, you can make a better decision about an asset for instance when you find that asset is taking more maintenance than required.

5. Set Assets Priority

Equipment prioritization helps the maintenance team in deciding either to work on an asset now or later. With the CMMS software, you can easily prioritize assets. Prioritizing asset helps in increasing productivity for instance if the maintenance team does not know the priority of assets their time will be wasted on assets that are not essential!

How do you decide the priority of assets, actually it is quite simple! How much an asset is used and how important it is for daily operations & if the dependability is high then the asset priority will be high and if there is not much dependability on the asset then priority can be set to low.

You can store these types of information in the system and with each work order maintenance team will know the priority of work orders and machines.


Maintenance is important but organizations implement maintenance when equipment performance is compromised or when asset failure occurs. However, when maintenance is provided to assets regularly the asset failure chances are decreased but also their productive life increases.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) centralized data and information. It helps the maintenance team in complete utilization and increasing the availability of assets. CMMS can be used in manufacturing, construction, automobile, oil & gas, etc. It is essential for all those organizations who want to improve the asset maintenance process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is CMMS Software?

CMMS Software ensures the maintenance work is done on time. It schedules maintenance and provides data history that can provide insights into assets. Furthermore, it tracks work orders, overseeing inventory and stock, allotting work orders to technicians & alerting them for maintenance. It eliminates the manual management of work orders and automates the process.

2. What is the importance of inventory in maintenance?

Inventory is important for maintenance purposes for instance if there is no inventory left while performing maintenance then the maintenance will not be effective as the team will have to repeat the whole process. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all the inventory is available while performing maintenance.

3. What is the role of maintenance in asset management?

Maintenance has an important role in asset management because assets are expensive and one cannot use and throw every time. That is why maintenance is important for assets in business assets need to be working in good condition otherwise business is impacted negatively.

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