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A Simplified Approach to Asset Maintenance Software

A Simplified Approach to Asset Maintenance Software

A Simplified Approach to Asset Maintenance Software

Asset maintenance is an essential part of an organization. If you keep your assets maintained, then your assets will perform better, and a better outcome will be generated. If you don't keep them maintained, the chances of breakdown will increase, and maintenance expenses will increase.

Furthermore, your business operations will be hindered as well. That is why asset maintenance software is significant for all asset-intensive organizations.

According to Statista,  “The distribution of scheduled maintenance in the manufacturing industry worldwide in 2017. As of that time, 34 percent of the respondents reported spending 30 hours or more in plant maintenance.”

What Is Asset Maintenance Management? How Does Asset Maintenance Software Help?

Asset maintenance management is mainly done to manage the maintenance tasks, maintenance scheduling, maintenance expenses, ensuring that spare parts available are essential.

The process of asset maintenance enhances the reliability and safety of physical assets. With good asset maintenance management software, you can know where assets are, what is their current condition & who is using them!

It ensures that assets are optimized and maintained as you can set an alert for each asset maintenance. This software increases the life of assets by providing maintenance on time and minimizing the sudden failure chances.

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What Are the Benefits of Asset Maintenance Software?

The benefits of asset maintenance software are discussed below:

Benefits of Asset Maintenance Software

1. Maintenance History

Maintenance history identifies how much asset is being utilized when it is given maintenance. Asset maintenance software provides crucial information about when the asset was purchased how it is performing what is the average working time of the machine.

After giving maintenance for how long assets work efficiently. These types of information are very critical for the organization. Maintenance history enables you to track trends and you can make informative decisions.

2. Define Maintenance Frequency

In an organization there are several types of assets, for instance, some assets can work for a very long period with maintenance such as vehicles and some equipment need maintenance more frequently such as HVAC (Heating ventilation air conditioning).

Keeping track of which asset got maintenance which does not is important. Keeping track of frequency is also important asset maintenance software assist for the same as well.

3. Create a Checklist

When the maintenance team got their hands full, they have a lot of pressure to complete work as per the schedule. But when sometimes they forget to perform some maintenance activities as well.

Asset maintenance software eliminates this problem with checklist features. As the manager mentioned, all the activities that need to be done in this way technicians do not forget any activity.

This way only effective work is delivered, and productivity level increases as well.

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4. Reminder and Notifications

The notification and alert feature is a very productive solution for an organization that has a lot of assets and pieces of equipment. When you have automated software, this system will alert you about upcoming maintenance and remind you when no action is taken for maintenance work.

The reminder is sent through SMS, email, and application notification. So, technicians and managers do not have to remember manually as this software keeps track of maintenance scheduling and alerts as per the calendar dates. Whenever any work order is assigned to a specific technician then he is notified about the same.

5. Tracking Inventory

When assets need maintenance the maintenance needs inventory in order to perform assets efficiently. This software helps organizations keep track of inventory as well. Inventory tracking shall not be neglected because inventory is important for inventory.

If an inventory is not available while performing inventory, then it won't be considered effective maintenance work. Therefore, it is important that you have the required inventory available in stock in order to deliver effective maintenance. Thanks to asset maintenance software it keeps track of inventory and alerts when inventory is low in stock.

You can define the re-order level so whenever the inventory goes below the defined level, the system will alert the person responsible for refilling the stock, and in this way, the inventory will be never out of stock.


Asset maintenance software such as computerized maintenance management software and asset management software is significant for organizations. Specifically, those organizations which are equipped with a lot of assets.

This software allows organizations to automate the asset maintenance process. It is helpful in increasing the return on investment (ROI) & understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO).

This software helps in maintaining assets proactively with the help of preventive maintenance scheduling! Maintenance can make or break organizations.

That is why it is important to pay attention to maintenance otherwise your profit margin will keep on decreasing. An automated system can be effective when you are struggling with maintenance management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is maintenance important?

Maintenance is done to keep assets well-functioning. For organization success maintenance is an important aspect otherwise you will lose a lot of money on maintenance only.

Moreover, chances of asset failure will increase if maintenance is not done regularly. When machine breakdown occurs a lot of time is consumed by the maintenance team and the organization's daily operations are completed on time. As a result, delayed production and delivery.

2. What is preventive maintenance scheduling?

Preventive maintenance scheduling makes assets more reliable and safer for utilization. Moreover, it minimizes the chances of asset failure. Asset lifespan also increases with preventive maintenance.

In maintenance scheduling, unmaintained assets are scheduled for maintenance as per the priority of the asset. Maintenance work can be done repeatedly after a certain time. Whenever any sign of machine failure occurs the asset is scheduled for the maintenance manager to do not wait for equipment failure.

3. What are the benefits of asset management software?

The benefits of asset management software are given below:

You get all the asset information such as asset history, asset lifecycle, on the dashboard. You don’t have to explore here and there and most importantly all the information is centralized. This helps the team to make decisions, identify business trends, etc.

Other than this you get,

1. Real time information

2. Eliminating inventory wastage

3. Forecasting

4. Enhanced accuracy

5. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

6. Removing ghost assets

7. Precise asset tracking

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