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What are the most common maintenance requests in Property Management?

What are the most common maintenance requests in Property Management?

Most common maintenance requests that any organization gets in property management are plumbing and HVAC repairs. The problem can be varied from very serious to small issue. It can be a tap fix or a big HVAC System failure. At first glance we can see that the issues are inevitable, when it comes to Property Management. However, with time one gets the jinx of it and how to solve the problems. All the tenets use assets and it is normal for them to wear down, what you can do? You can plan accordingly and never let this situation arise. One must always think of a software that never dies and always takes care of your assets at the back end. This will prevent you from making last minute emergency calls.  

Let us below look at the common maintenance requests that we get that will help end our property management maintenance list and let us also learn about how we would solve them before they even start.  

Why these are the most common requests?

These complaints are the topmost complaints hence they ended up in the common request for maintenance. And hence they even become the topmost priority of any owner’s responsibility. The problem is that old properties would have HVAC systems and plumbing that are very close to the end cycle. Hence, it becomes very important to take care of old property rather than the new one. But still we can never ignore the new ones too, as we may find tenants who are very particular about their plumbing and HVAC systems. These HVAC systems are very tempting to continually come back when the problems come back, so instead of starting the whole renovation again, one can always go for a maintenance program.  

What are the solutions that we can opt for before they even start coming in?

We can start by launching a program that works for the asset replacement, particularly for the older properties as the assets that are installed there are more likely to fall apart. It is best for the owners if they opt for a regular maintenance schedule for all the asset present in the premises. During the time of crisis, it is important for you to have a team that only works for the maintenance in the whole organization. That team must be taught to work at the time of crisis.  

Let us make the process easy for everyone

One need to prepare the whole organization for the time of crisis where we have plumbing and HVAC system problem. Because there is not any fixed time when you get a problem related to them and hence it is good to stay alert all the time. It is always good to stay in touch with the people who keep a good hand on these systems in the facility. It is important to teach your team that they are meant to respond very quickly. You can also ask your tenants to note the problems and send it over to you so that you already have a list prepared on what you need to work on. This tip is going to ease everyone’s life.