IT Asset Tracking

Asset Infinity helps in managing your IT department in a very organised and structured way. It helps to both streamline and simplify your asset tracking needs. It helps in closing the loop between all the departments that offer your service.

Through its alerts and reminders the asset tracking and management software and app helps in tracking, assigning, servicing, maintaining and discarding assets in a manner that is both easier and simpler than before.

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Asset Infinity at Asset Tracking

Asset Infinity’s limitless fields and configurability give the platform the flexibility to become whatever it needs to be.

The free mobile app allows your team to work from any location on your smart phones or tablets. In addition to all this, we also have intuitive interface which makes integration with your existing system both simple and easy.

With our improved asset tracking software your team can access real time information from anywhere at any time they need.

Our free mobile app, which also has a built in scanner, makes the use of data extremely simple. As there is complete visibility of a particular asset so you are in a position to track and manage maintenance, upgrades and all forms of repairs in a much better way.

Some of the outstanding features of the IT asset tracking software include:

  • Provides a very flexible platform.
  • Comes with free mobile app that has advanced barcode scanning technology.
  • Is extremely user-friendly.
  • Gives value to both your time and money.
  • On Demand Access.
  • Provides reporting that is highly customized.
  • Provides world class customer service.

Asset Infinity is a superb aid to manage your vital and important assets by replacing labour-intensive recording on paper and spread sheets.

Some of the other important features of the technique include:

  • Helps to categorize, assign and track assets.
  • Schedule activities and reminders.
  • Provides direct and indirect asset costs.
  • Helps in controlling asset thefts and losses.
  • Comes with built-in dashboards and reports.
  • Simple data import and export.

These unique features of the IT asset tracking software help you to fit your unique needs in the present situation and also when your needs change. The built in barcode scanner has the ability to work on devices that you are already using so you have the advantage of accessing information from any location without the need for additional hardware.

This software comes with a unique and intuitive interface which makes both its application and use simple and easy. With this advanced software you have the opportunity to replace the expensive and time consuming spreadsheets by seamlessly integrating data into the platform. It provides you with comprehensive database of superior quality along with real time and up to date information that gives you an opportunity to know everything about your assets.

If you have got IT assets you have got an incredible way to manage your assets. The IT asset management software integrates with your help desk, network monitoring and more.

The added benefits of the IT asset management software include:

  • Provides Inventory to everything you manage.
  • Manage your network, exchange and licensing.

From workstations and servers to routers and switches if it is on your network, the IT asset management software will automatically find it, collect detailed information and even categorise it.

The IT asset management software helps to monitor your network and PCs, if you wish to keep a control on the licenses of your software and volume, or if you want to eliminate unwanted software on your network. This IT Asset management software lets you keep track of all your software licences so that you can stay in compliance and audit stress free.