Hospitality Asset Management

Established as well as speciality & boutique hospitality chains, hotels, restaurants and all other hospitality providers are today faced with competition, replacement & maintenance of aging assets and the challenge of managing multiple locations and business needs in a fixed stringent budget. The primary role of Asset Infinity as a Hospitality & Hotel Asset Management application is to provide a centralized & automated data bank of all hotel assets.

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Many hospitality businesses are also facing financial privation. Asset Infinity along with Hotel & hospitality business owners is looking to make life and day-to-day operations within hospitality chains simpler, through preventive maintenance checks and other beneficial features of a Hospitality Asset Management system. Asset Infinity not only helps bring a more balanced asset management, it also helps provide financial relief by avoiding unwanted cash drains. As a simple example, something as simple as timely preventive maintenance can reduce repair costs, reduce capital outflow, reduce guest agitation, increase effective energy utilization and subsidise labour costs.

With the Asset Infinity, cloud based SaaS Asset Management & Tracking application comes Great Flexibility in Hotel Operations.

  • Helps you schedule all preventive maintenance, periodic checks and work orders ensuring.
    • execution of urgent tasks takes lesser time and there are lesser breakdowns & surprises.
    • Better maintenance leads to more tasks being completed within the same resources & budget.
    • Improved schedule effectiveness and lesser equipment failure leads to better guest experiences.
    • Timely periodic maintenance and inspections reduce the Liabilities originating due to negligence claims.
    • Better profit margins and higher work productivity.
    • Overall better image and sturdier infrastructure of the enterprise and property leading to a better brand image.
  • Asset history and usage reports help calculate replacement periods.
  • Reduce loss of assets through thefts and damages.
  • Streamline inter-branch/location asset sharing
  • Ready to use intuitive dashboards and reports to stay on top of asset requirements and needs.

Asset Infinity’s best practices can be applied in any kind of hospitality establishment:

  • Hotel Chains
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Budget & Youth Hotels
  • B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast)
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Student Hostels
  • Food Chains
  • Guest Houses
  • Lodges