Emergency Services Asset Tracking

Asset Infinity has years of pooled knowledge gratifying the EMERGENCY SERVICES asset tracking requirements of multi-national associations worldwide. You can be assured of cent percent asset visibility, inclusive of two-way communication, 24 hours, all 7 days, & all days in a year in spite of geographical locations & out of office projects. The dependable Asset Infinity expertise can be also be a perfect fit for your organization’s vehicle management system needs or specific fixed asset tracking requirements.

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The Asset Infinity EMERGENCY SERVICES asset tracking endows you with the confidence of immediate emergency response which is critical for functions like Fire Brigades, Ambulances, Disaster Management services, Quick Response teams, Police & Crowd Management teams etc. This in turn creates a team that is well equipped, faster in response time & elevates the possibility of overall success rate of operations. After employing a vehicle management system, Asset Infinity partners can see a decline in incidents & in general enhancement in compliance.

With steadfast EMERGENCY SERVICES asset management implementation, Asset Infinity gives power to you to swing funding & lets you focus on direct services whilst there is an automated progress in the competence & functionality of your on grounds teams.

Asset Infinity is your ally for all of your EMERGENCY SERVICES asset management needs with features that are tailor made for emergency service needs, are easy to use, & can be accessed from even the most remote & rugged regions with the help of a simple internet connection & device.

With the help of our features you can do a lot including the critical roles mentioned below:

  • Never have a broken/non-functional/defunct item in your kit or vehicle in your fleet.
  • Know which tool/equipment is assigned to which sub-team or team member for a lubricated operation
  • Get vehicles, equipment & tools serviced at regular intervals with our on date reminders & maintenance schedule features to prevent in operation errors.
  • Keep a track on stolen or non returned assets to avoid security issues.