Education Asset Tracking

Asset Infinity has the features to help you manage Facility, IT & Lab Equipment mapped to multiple classrooms, buildings & campuses. It is a state of art system which is easy to use that helps in assigning assets to Faculty & Students with checks of authorization & the ability to inventorize or move assets within locations or amongst people through mobile devices or internet-enabled computers. With the features of importing from excel & multiple integration options, Asset Infinity lets you keep a track of where and with whom the assets are; which is an important know-how for set-ups with multiple campuses, departments and assigned assets to faculty & students.

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Asset Infinity is a complete cloud based SaaS asset management solution for education. Through the Mobile & Digitally enabled application, education institutions like schools, colleges, universities, coaching centres, distance learning facilities and hostels can now manage all their fixed, mobile, hard & soft assets including but not limited to Network, ICT, Estates, Premises, Business, Finance & the rest of the institution.

  • The features include QR asset tagging and management which prevents Fraud & ensures theft protection.
  • Have access to your Asset register anytime anywhere.
  • Scan asset tags, barcodes and QR codes on the fly.
  • Maintain an updated asset registry along with photos & videos of assets.
  • Access dashboards for analytics and quick audits.
  • Configure your locations & departments as per your needs.
  • Also doubles up as Document storage and version maintenance tool
  • Have access to asset assignment history.
  • Comes loaded with a Depreciation calculator.