1 April 2018

Geo Tracking

Track users from their mobile apps. See them on Google Maps any time to find their latest coordinates.

Changes in Helpdesk

  • Record inventory items, vendor, or amount details with tickets.
  • Ticket Types – predefine ticket types and sub-ticket types for differentiating your tickets based on problems.
  • Edit closed tickets to add description and files.
  • Link ticket priorities based on asset categories and locations.
  • Define Workflows and SLAs on tickets based on priorities.
  • Option to close tickets with OTP (one-time password) – An option to send an OTP before closing the ticket on mail/SMS to the user who reports the ticket.
  • Export tickets as PDFs with all the details about the ticket.
  • Custom search option on tickets – Search for specific fields across the tickets.
  • New reports for analysing your tickets – MTTR (Mean time to repair), MTBF (Mean time between failures) and Machine wise breakdown.

Purchase, Requisitions and Receiving Goods

  • Create Purchase Orders for items and assets directly or through asset/item requests.
  • Receive goods against the purchase orders – track status of POs when they are pending, partially received, or closed.

General Updates

  • Manage notifications for your entire organization – Select the emails, SMS and mobile notifications sent at different events.
  • Pre-define depreciation details for asset categories. Set the depreciation percentage, scrap percentage and end of life for all assets in the category.
  • Create schedules automatically when assets are added in a category. Define schedules at category level to automatically get activity notifications for maintenance, AMC, warranties, etc.
  • Send SMS notifications to users for all events.
  • Upload multiple categories and locations at once. Simple upload using our built-in spreadsheet utility.
  • Update specific fields in bulk asset update.
  • Get a list of all emails sent from the system to all users in your organization.


  • Microsoft Azure AD integration is available out-of-the-box now.
  • SMS integration is currently available in India. Users outside India may need to share SMS Gateway details for the integrations.

Mobile Apps–iOS and Android

  • Add and update assets from your mobile devices
  • Create, manage, and close tickets
  • Update all activities assigned to you

4 December 2017

Audits & Physical Verifications

Create audits for any asset fields and assign these to users for physical verifications on web or mobile!

Aided-Audits – A combination of asset categories, locations and departments can be assigned to a user for physical verification. All audit users are assigned different and exclusive assets to avoid any duplications.

Self-Audits – Assets transferred to users are assigned to themselves for physical verification. Audit will be created only for the allotted assets.

Users can verify the assets as present, not present or present with incorrect details (users can enter the correct values against the old values) in audits.

Check lists and multiple selection drop-downs in custom fields

Two new type of custom fields for all forms – Create multiple selection drop-downs or checklists wherever needed! Custom fields have been included in tickets also now.

Improved Workflows

Create and manage workflows for adding assets – Select the fields visible at each approval level or simply modify the information at each step. Approve or reject approval requests from your mails!

Improved Performance & More Control

We have enhanced a lot of performance across reports and other screens, added new filters and grid controls for hiding/showing columns.

15 October 2017

Single step to allot and return assets – Transfer

We have simplified the process of Allot & return, and has been combined into a single step-process“Transfer”. The app automatically detects whether it is an allot or a return, depending upon the status selected.

Your own asset code series

Auto-generate custom series for asset codes – create codes according to categories, locations, departments, add prefixes and custom texts.
You can also reset the running number based on the categories, locations and departments.
Define your own codes for locations, categories and departments to be used in the asset code series.

Modify your Add Asset Form

Customize the look and feel of the “Add Asset” form – A simple drag-and-drop UI to move fields, add sections and rearrange the order of information. Yes! Custom fields are included too.
You can also enable/disable the fields shown on the “Add Asset” form.

Create workflows for adding new assets

Design your own custom workflows for adding assets. Set your own intervals for sending reminders and escalations to next levels.
A new notification has been introduced for user’s pending approvals. Users will be able to see their pending approvals and take actions on these approvals.

Field level permission for Asset Information

Restrict the fields that users view, add or update related to the asset information. Create roles with field level permissions.
Navigate to the “Roles & Permissions” screen to modify the field level permissions.

We are on mobile now!

Download our Android and iOS apps to search and view asset details, scan barcodes/QR codes and transfer assets on the go even when offline!

Asset Life cycle Cost Report

Get a single view of all the costs spent on an asset including the purchase, maintenance and disposal of the asset.

Manage Grid Columns

Users can set their own default columns on the all assets grid. This was earlier present at the organization level but now every user can set this according to their own requirements.

User’s Primary Location

You can store user’s primary location from the “Manage Users” screen. This location will be used in location based approvals.

Inventory Re-order Levels

We have replaced the entire screen with a simple Excel import and export to enhance the performance.

Movement History with Date Filters

Date filters have been added in the Movement History with a lot of performance improvement on this page.

System Logs

All reports related to the system usage will be placed under the menu “System Logs”. We have introduced the “Barcodes Scanned” report which lists all the barcodes/QR codes scanned using the mobile apps.

Default Transfer Duration in Category

A new field has been added in “Category” – Default Transfer Duration. All assets transferred under a category with “Default Transfer Duration” will be transferred up to this duration automatically.

Location Head in Location

Added location heads for locations – will be used in approvals for setting location based approvals.

Location Filter in Pending Activities

Now you can search your pending activities based on the locations.

Lots of performance improvements

06 July 2017

Exciting updates for seamless asset management!

  • Change History – Keep a track of changes on the asset information –See who, when and what changes were made when you view the details of an asset.
  • Now you can create custom fields as drop-downs and date-pickers as well. You can mark them as a mandatory field too.
  • Create Multiple Barcode Templates and design them on your own. Check out the drag-drop tool for creating barcode/QR Code stickers under the Barcode Templates in Application Settings.
  • Link multiple assets together at once with our spreadsheet tool in Upload Assets page. Create a mapping of parent and child assets and upload them to create multiple linked assets.
  • We have made some changes to our spreadsheet tool to improve performance – you can upload thousands of assets, users or items in less than a second! – Make sure to read the tips on the upload screens
  • Download reference files for errors on each excel/multiple upload to get a better insight into what went wrong.
  • Asset Infinity is now completely multi-lingual. Get in touch with us to see Asset Infinity in your language.
  • Lots of performance improvements on our page load speed and asset lists!

27 April 2017

QR Codes

We have added QR support for asset tagging. Get in touch with us to create your QR Code sticker formats.

Select multiple assets

Now you can select assets while changing your filters. The selection tab shows the assets that are selected. Scan asset codes to auto-select or filter out assets without losing your selection.

29 March 2017

  • We have got the custom fields back. Look out for the following icon on top of the grids. You can select all your fields that you want to see in the grid or in Excel export. Yes, that includes custom fields as well.
  • Assets can be restored back into the asset list after they have been discarded. This is now available under the “Discarded Assets” report. Select multiple assets and click on “Restore Assets”. Simple.
  • Better looking emails – We have changed all the formats of our emails. Plus, you will also receive reminder emails when you need to return your assets back. More emails on new tickets, any change in tickets or closure of tickets.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

02 March 2017

  • Change in the default columns shown in asset list – We can modify the default columns that are shown to all your organization users. You can tell us what columns you want to be shown in your asset list and we will set them permanently.
    We had to remove the “Select Columns” feature for a while. We will be coming back with a better feature to set your default columns such that it works wherever you log-in. This was an important step so that we could include the custom fields in the tables and export as well. We will be creating an interface where users will be able to define the table and export columns on their own.
  • Multiple Schedules – We have added a feature to create multiple schedules at once for multiple assets using our Excel-like interface. Now you can plan your maintenance activities at once.
  • Quantity with decimal – We can have the inventory quantity in decimals now. Earlier it used to be whole numbers but now you can have 0.50 KGs too
  • Copy User Roles – You can copy roles with all the permissions and role details. Makes it easy to create similar roles again and again.
  • Inventory linked with Activities & Ticketing – Spare parts or consumables can now be consumed when you have an activity or a ticket being closed.
  • Work Order Print-outs – Simply print the activity details as a work order for your internal approvals.
  • Charts & Graphs – We have started experimenting with our analytical skills and created some charts. We have put our heads into it to add more value to them.
  • Performance Improvements – You would have noticed some performance improvements recently. The team is taking performance seriously now and we will be further boosting it to completely remove the “Loading” between the pages.
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