Audits & Physical Verifications

Create audits for any asset fields and assign these to users for physical verifications on web or mobile! Aided-Audits – A combination of asset categories, locations and departments can be assigned to a user for physical verification. All audit users are assigned different and exclusive assets to avoid any duplications. Self-Audits – Assets transferred to users are assigned to themselves for physical verification. Audit will be created only for the allotted assets.

Users can verify the assets as present, not present or present with incorrect details (users can enter the correct values against the old values) in audits.

Check lists and multiple selection drop-downs in custom fields

Two new type of custom fields for all forms – Create multiple selection drop-downs or checklists wherever needed! Custom fields have been included in tickets also now.

Improved Workflows

Create and manage workflows for adding assets – Select the fields visible at each approval level or simply modify the information at each step. Approve or reject approval requests from your mails!

Improved Performance & More Control

We have enhanced a lot of performance across reports and other screens, added new filters and grid controls for hiding/showing columns.

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