Simple User Interface

Very easy to use, single page inventory management system

Visibility across locations

Availability of stock across organisation helps in managing repairs and break downs faster.

Integration with Asset Management

Each spare can be tagged to an Asset or category of asset for faster search in emergency.

Prevent unnecessary purchases

It is easy to find out if the required item is available in any store across the organisation. It avoids unnecessary purchases.

Effective Stock Keeping Methods

Location as well as quantity of all the Consumable, Stationery, Office Supplies, IT Spares can play a critical role in planning the fresh purchases and movements of assets. The frequency of ordering and the average prices of these assets will determine the efficiency of the Inventory Management.

Stock Management

Location-wise stock availability. Purchase of fresh inventories, movement of Inventory from one location to other location.


Issue of Inventory for repairs, issue against work-orders, department/ cost-centre wise consumption. Sales of Finished goods to customers and invoicing.


Spares Inventory, consumables Inventory, Stationary and office supplies, Gifts and uniforms, IT spares etc.

Inventory Items

Critical spares for machinery, Consumables required for maintenance and up-keep of assets, Re-order levels, Average prices

Cataloguing of purchase process is unanimously important

In order to ascertain the fair-play in the vendor allocation system all the purchases w.r.t. item, duration with price comparison charts across every location is important. Adequate stocks of critical spares at important locations can assist in efficient processes. Furthermore, the requisite approvals for inventory purchases can guarantee simplified work-flow.

Purchase Indents

Work-flow for purchasing new inventory items with proper approvals.

Access Control

Location-wise, store-wise access of inventory module to prevent misuse and confusion.

Re-order levels

Inventory re-order levels to manage minimum stock of critical spares

Purchase books

Vendor-wise purchases, Item-wise purchase, Purchases for a period, Price comparison for purchases across location.

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