Prevent Thefts and pilferages

It is easy to track assets and manage their movements from one Facility to another.

Retrieve Asset on Contract expiry

On contract termination or expiry, it is easy to identify assets within a facility and bring them to stock.

Retiral of Assets

After the useful life of assets, it is easy to discard or sell them off.

Prevent unnecessary purchases

It is easy to find out if the required asset is available in stock or due to return in next few days. It avoids unnecessary purchases.

Importance of Facility Management

Inadequate facility management can lead to a chaotic environment. Right from the moment allotment of the assets is done, every movement needs to efficiently tracked to ensure a linear mode of operation. All time-bound contracts with legal documents need to be stored in itemized format for usage later. This will further aid in safekeeping the details of the tenants and preemptively direct the facility managers for renewals of contracts.

Movement History

Tracking of asset movement from the date of procurement till date gives the entire history of owners of an asset.

Asset Allotment

Assets can be assigned to each facility where it is used.

Tenant Details

System can store the tenant details and Rental agreements. Reminders can be sent to the Tenant and Facility managers for renewal of contracts.


Different Apartments, Villas and offices can be configured as locations in the system. Within Each location, sub-locations can also be defined like Floors, Spa, Gym, Meeting Rooms etc.

Maintenance Contracts & Compliance in Facility Management

Physical Verification of assets at the end of every financial year through barcoding can be very helpful in the inventory management for accounting purposes. Ensuring compliance of all the rules and regulations will ensure to keep the annual maintenance cost under control. Timely maintenance catered by AMC providers will ensure better performance of the facility.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Most of the equipment are maintained by the OEM/ Service vendors under AMC. It is possible to set reminders and alerts for renewal of these contracts and copy of the contract can also be attached to the Asset for ready reference.

Compliance Management

There are multiple regulatory of industry compliances like Pollution control, Pest Control, Fire Certifications etc. These need renewals on fixed frequencies and appropriate alerts can be sent to the responsible person to act.

Preventive Maintenance

The maintenance schedules of Plant and Machinery or any other equipment or Vehicle can be defined once in the system with Frequency and Responsibility. The system sends reminder and alerts to responsible person prior to due date. If the jobs get delayed, escalations are sent to supervisor.

Asset Tagging

Barcode or QR code based Asset labels can be printed and stuck on the Asset for physical verification and inventory count for fiscal year accounting.

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