Visibility of Assets

Assets can be tracked from across multiple locations of the organization.

Audit Trail of Assets

Movement of all assets present in the modifications in Asset database can be ascertained.

Easy Integrated Document Management

All the important contracts, documents, formats can be integrated in the system for use at a later stage.

Accommodating Depreciation Calculator

Depreciation calculation can be adapted as per the country taxation system

Role of Management, Tracking & Maintenance in an Enterprise

Efficient maintenance of equipment periodically with minimum expenditure on impulse purchase for critical spares and consumable items will lead to effective asset management. Taking stock of the existing category, serial number, brand, location for an asset can help in managing the asset and ascertain its condition during its utility life.

Equipment Maintenance

Different type of maintenance and periodic activities can be defined and alerts are sent to responsible person before the due dates to avoid any slippages.

Spares and Consumable Inventory

Critical spares of the machinery and consumables inventory management in very simple way.

Asset Tracking

Locate any individual asset in the organization using different search parameters like Category, Serial number, Brand, Location, Vendor, Department, User etc.

Asset Management

Dash-board of Organization Fixed Asset Register, with different categories, locations and users, condition of assets. Images of Assets to facilitate recognition.

Value of Assets & Complaint Management in an Enterprise

Any breakdown in the process should be immediately addressed using the ticketing system even in remote locations for efficient execution. Also the purchase of any kind of asset should follow the requisite process and should be indented in the system. In addition to this, restricted access to the system on the basis of hierarchy can further streamline the processes

Complaint Management

In-built ticketing system to report breakdown, allocate tickets and report resolution and closure of complaints. Mobile App is used by field staff for complaint management.

Purchase of Assets

Approval workflow for requisition of new assets.

Inventory Indents

Purchase of Spares, consumables and other items through a configurable approval work-flow.

Roles and Responsibilities

System access can be controlled according to the different organizational roles.

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