Prevent Thefts and Pilferages

It is easy to locate any asset in the organization using global search available on the dashboard.

Retrieve Assets on Separation

Only employee separation, it is easy to identify assets with an individual and take them in stock.

Disposal of Assets

After the useful life of assets, it is easy to discard or sell them off.

Prevent Unnecessary Purchases

It is easy to find out if the required asset is available in stock or due for return in next few days. It avoids unnecessary purchases.

Track IT Assets with an ease

Asset Infinity helps you to track each and every IT asset of multiple locations from a single place. Schedule maintenance activities and assign those activities to particular users or groups. Each asset is stored with a different asset code. Asset code can be a combination of alphabets and numbers, the series of the asset code can be customized as per the your requirement.

Asset Code

Unique Alphanumeric identification number for each asset.

Schedule Activities

Activities that can work as a reminder as a preventive maintenance for the assets

Color Coding for Activities

Red for already due, blue for activities in future and black for activities that are pending today

One time Schedule

Ability to create one-time schedules that create only one activity for a given date and time

Asset Register

Access all the assets from the application’s dashboard with a simple interface. Filter out the assets based on locations, categories, users, departments, status and conditions. You can also use build-in free text search to search across all the information of an asset. Scan barcode labels using a barcode scanner on this interface to filter and auto-select the assets. Customize the views and select the columns/information to be shown on dashboard. Export all filtered out assets into excel or PDF.

Action on multiple assets

Advanced multiple selection on assets to perform any action

Customizable Views

Select asset columns/information to be shown on the dashboard – including custom information

Export excel/PDF

Export all/filtered assets into Excel or PDF

Simple Interface

Simple interface which lists all the assets on the dashboard

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