How CMMS Reports Can Boost the Productivity of an Organization?

How CMMS Reports Can Boost the Productivity of an Organization?

How CMMS Reports Can Boost the Productivity of an Organization?

CMMS reports can tell a lot about assets and equipment in the organizations. Reports are very helpful in understanding the problems and how to overcome these problems. There are several types of reports that can be used for business growth. In this blog, we will explore different reports that you can expect in CMMS software! But first!

What Is CMMS Software?

CMMS software mainly focuses on asset and equipment maintenance. It eliminates the manual process and makes it automated for maintenance purposes. For instance, if there are lots of assets and equipment in an organization, then it will be hectic for the manager to know which asset need maintenance which does not.

So, this software keeps track of asset and equipment history through which the manager knows all about asset maintenance. It makes the manager free for other activities. Furthermore, CMMS provides several benefits such as it increases asset life, tracks asset life cycle, tracks maintenance, maintenance history, detailed reports & control maintenance cost.

CMMS software centralizes maintenance and simplifies the procedure of asset and equipment maintenance operation. Overall, it reduces downtime, avoids asset failure, and makes the asset more reliable.

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According to Statista,  “The advantages of adopting computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in the manufacturing industry worldwide in 2017. As of that time, 65 percent of the respondents indicated that CMMS helps improve the overall efficiency of plant manufacturing.” It helps in several other areas as well.

Why Reports Are Crucial for Business Growth?

CMMS reports are the key to business growth. They help make an informed decision related to assets & equipment, financials, future goals, etc. Reports provide numbers & analytics that are helpful in business.

Reports can reveal pain points of the organization or areas where the organization is overspending. When you identify those areas, you can do the needful.

Which Reports You Can Get with the CMMS Software?

There are several reports you can get with CMMS software:

CMMS Software Reports

Asset History Reports

When lots of assets are there in an organization, it becomes a tough job to maintain them & know which asset is when purchased! Moreover, the history of each maintenance is also kept and which type of maintenance is done proactive or reactive maintenance!

Work Order Reports

It keeps track of every work order. Moreover, it provides details about each work order such as scheduled, ongoing, closed & pending. These reports can be made based on work order, date, or department wise. You can see records for instance when work is allotted and when it was finished, how much time was taken in the whole process!

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Employee Performance Reports

When a maintenance work order is done how much time does it takes to complete the job. These types of reports can be taken with CMMS software. It helps calculate return on investment.

You can find an average time and compare it with particular employee performance this can give you an estimate of overall ROI (Return on investment). This helps in understanding that equipment might be not working to its efficiency or new team members needs to be added!

Purchase Order Reports

This software show purchase orders report for instance how much time this whole procedure takes to full procurement (from raising purchasing requisition to purchase order delivery).

How many purchase orders are currently ongoing or how many are closed recently what was the priority of each work order! High-priority work order took how many days or vice versa!

Maintenance Reports

One of the most important features of maintenance management software. It not only helps in increasing asset performance but it provides data and analytics about maintenance. Maintenance reports are helpful in know which asset needs to be disposed of & how assets are working! If any asset is taking more maintenance than required.

Maintenance can increase life and it creates a positive impact on the organization's bottom line. With detailed reports, you can know which asset maintenance type is best for your business!

Inventory Reports

Inventory is critical when maintenance work is done because in this process old parts are removed and new parts are installed. These new parts shall be available in the inventory otherwise maintenance will not be effective.

To make it effective inventory tracking and cost of inventory are also tracked as they are also helpful in understanding how much inventory shall be bought in advance.

These reports help save unnecessary expenses as inventory is costly and can be expired or broken.


Reports help identify what's working in your favor & what is not! It also assists in finding trends and patterns of business. Furthermore, it can reveal weaknesses of the organization & when you know the problem you can do the improvement in that particular area. When improvement is done you will notice an increased bottom line.

Knowledge is power; indeed, it is! CMMS Reports provide that power to the managers & they are in a position to make the informative decision not just based on assumption.

When you get these types of analyses then a good decision can be made easily. These decisions assist in minimizing company expenses & increasing productivity either its particular employee or department or the whole organization.

CMMS is an asset management software that helps in utilizing assets to their full capacity and efficiency. An organization that is equipped with assets must invest in this software; its impact will be seen in the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does CMMS software cost?

CMMS software service can be purchased on a subscription basis. The cloud-based service is cost-effective. You can try it for 14 days free & or schedule a demo.

2. What are the benefits of CMMS software?

The benefits of CMMS software are given below:
1. Maintenance scheduling
2. Reduced maintenance expenses
3. Increased asset life
4. Enhanced asset productivity
5. Avoid an unexpected breakdown
6. Asset optimization
7. Track asset life

3. Which industries use CMMS?

Several industries use CMMS software features such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, construction, information & technology (IT), etc. It does not mean that other industries do not utilize CMMS software. It can be used by those organizations which have lots of assets. Those organization also who wants to track maintenance of asset and equipment.

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