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How Can You Track Your Inventory Using Barcode System?

How Can You Track Your Inventory Using Barcode System?

How Can You Track Your Inventory Using Barcode System?

Barcode System is the most successful system of all, around the world. Tracking of all the inventories and assets have become a necessity for any organization.  

From the beginning of the time, keeping track of assets has been a fundamental duty of humans. Since the concept of ownership came at forefront people started to invest value to items and started showing interest in knowing the physical location of the asset, to retrieve it later.

What is Barcode System?

Barcode System is a network for tracking of assets and inventory of your organization. Barcode System is used to automate data collection which is cost-effective than manual data entry system.  

The Barcode system is different from the RFID system although both are used for the same purpose (of tracking) the methods and techniques are different.  

The barcode system has become universal because of its commercial success as they were used at supermarkets for their automated checkout.

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Options for Inventory Tracking

With the rise of technology and experimenting, inventory tracking has improved way further. Now there are two tracking options available i.e., active tracking and passive tracking.  

In active tracking, you get information about your inventory continuously, you need not require any human assistance in it. This includes GPS asset tags. For example, these tags can automatically track the map and transmit the route of the truck in which it is forwarding ahead, which includes speed and direction of the truck.

Active barcode tracking

In passive tracking, the information will get tracked and recorded only when you need it. For example, the truck driver has to scan the label or tag at every asset or inventory location with the scanner or smartphone and wirelessly relay the data to the home office.  

The passive type of tracking is useful in vast terms of the working environment, it can be used with almost any type of asset and it will even cost less than the active tracking system.

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QR Code: The Latest Trend

QR code is the latest successors to the barcodes in recent times. They have achieved a humongous appreciation in a few years. They are popular because of their fast readability and great storage capacity in comparison with standard UPC barcodes.

QR code (Quick Response Code) is a trademark for a type of matrix code. In practice, QR can contain data for locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or an application.

Many of the organizations have started using QR codes to track their inventories for more than their names and prices. With QR codes you will get the information of serial numbers, part numbers, lots and dates, position marking, format information, and many more.

QR codes for asset tracking

QR codes are used for tracking because of the following reasons:  

  • Store up to 100 times data than the standard barcode.
  • Can be scanned from any angle.
  • Easier to read and for decoding.
  • Less risk of the interface.

The specialty of QR codes is that they do not require any special scanning reader to scan them. Drivers can use their smartphones or other mobile devices. The scanned data is saved on the device and sent to the office immediately.

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How is the Barcode System important for Inventory Tracking?

Knowledge of 100 % efficiency is necessary to know the maximum usage of the stock. You need to know the accurate data of your inventory.

Barcode System for Inventory Tracking

Adopting a barcode system for the tracking of your inventories will help you find your inventory more easily and efficiently, following with a reduction in costly mistakes.  

  • This is an inventory control solution that will allow you to increase productivity with the management of stocks.
  • Barcode scanners are available in varieties with a wide range of features, which are industry-specific and target to work volume capacity.
  • Enhanced visibility is your motive to achieve, barcode system for inventory tracking will help you manage them and win the game.
  • The Barcode system provides you with greater visibility of your stock and allows greater insights into key aspects.  
  • Working hand-in-hand with technology will always provide you with improved efficiency. The use of a barcode system will help you automate the inventory process and access real-time information of the same.  
  • Barcode system will help you gain an increase in accuracy, reduction of stock entry errors with automated data collection whenever and wherever needed.  
  • For your business saving cost and getting a return on investment is a priority. You can ensure that you are gaining good interest from your investment through a barcode system.  
  • This system will ensure that you have all the information at your fingertips, help you reduce the condition of out-of-stock, better monitoring to optimize revenue.
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The use of the barcode system for inventory will help your organization a lot in keeping the track of inventories. The Barcode system is an advanced technology that makes your inventories and asset management and tracking easy and efficient.

Keeping track of inventories is necessary to follow their location and ensure that nothing gets missing. This system will help you accomplish and maintain accurate inventory flow.

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