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Essential Features to Look for in Equipment Tracking Software
April 19, 2021

Essential Features to Look for in Equipment Tracking Software

Essential Features to Look for in Equipment Tracking Software

Equipment tracking software is important especially when you have hundreds of pieces of equipment. When you have a lot of equipment it becomes hard to keep track of them. These types of equipment need to be maintained if you want them to perform well so that their performance is not compromised.

It does not matter in which sector you do business, if you have these types of equipment then you will need equipment tracking software!

What Is Equipment Tracking Software?

Equipment tracking software is used for tracking equipment in an automated way. All industries are equipped with a lot of pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment need maintenance at regular intervals so that their performance is not compromised.

Sometimes equipment locations are changed and they are forgotten and that is how they are lost or misplaced. But with the equipment tracking software, you can keep track of equipment & in that way you will never lose track of equipment, and more importantly, equipment theft will not occur.

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What Are the Main Features of Equipment Tracking Software?

The main features of the equipment tracking software are as follow:

Features of Equipment Tracking Software

1. Scheduling Maintenance

When there are lots of equipment then sometimes pieces of equipment are not given proper maintenance on time. This type of scenario mainly occurs when assets & equipment are handled manually. However, when an organization has equipment tracking software then maintenance scheduling is properly streamlined.

Most importantly it alerts the team about maintenance about each upcoming work order for maintenance. It means that now one does not have to remember manually!

2. Tracking Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance tracking is a very important part of vehicle or equipment maintenance. When equipment is maintained then their failure chances are reduced. Somewhen maintenance is scheduled of equipment, a lot of time is consumed of technician in finding what is the issue!

But with this feature of equipment tracking software, you can keep track of the maintenance of each piece of equipment. Furthermore, the technician can see the work order checklist it means the technician will know what are the activities needs to be done in each work order.

Similarly, all the activities that are done in a piece of equipment, that data is stored in the software that helps in future maintenance.

3. Check-In/Check-Out

Check-in check-out is one of the main features of equipment tracking software. It allows you to keep track of assets and equipment and avoid theft and misplacement. It provides you more control over your assets. Check-in check-out enables you to keep track of assets and also allows you to know who has the asset and when it will be returned. It makes the employee accountable for equipment.

With the check-in check-out feature, you will know when an asset leaves the territory and who is taking the thing. Everything can have a registration time frame like a library book and even have fines related to returning the thing late.

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Since you have a data set of clients and resources you will consistently realize who as of now has a thing and the past clients for a path of responsibility.

This sort of framework forestalls abuse of things as you will consistently realize who last utilized a thing. With a check-in check system set up, you won't ever be found looking for things as this software will do it for you.

4. Detailed and Quick Reports

Reports are helpful to any business it does not matter what they are into! Reports help to calculate where you were and where are you now! Have you achieved the goal that you have thought or have you saved money with the help of software!

You can also know the condition of each asset how much performance a piece of specific equipment is delivering. Is there any equipment that is breaking down regularly? Is your overall uptime increasing and downtime is decreasing or not! In which areas you are spending your resources and where you need to invest in.

Overall, problems are discovered and solutions are identified with reports and statistics.

What Are the Benefits of Using Equipment Tracking Software?

There are several benefits of using equipment tracking software that we have discussed below:

1. Decreasing Expenses

When assets are given maintenance on time it minimizes the chances of sudden breakdown. Sudden asset breakdown is more expensive than regular maintenance.

Other than his equipment tracking software allows you to take the shortest path for delivering packages saving petrol and other expenses.

2. Enhanced Return on Investment

Providing maintenance on time not only saves from unnecessary expenses but also increases asset life. It also makes asset reliable and works for longer hours & when equipment work for longer hours return on investment increases.

3. Improving Productivity

You can inform your delivery truck to avoid roads that are full of traffic so that the business does not suffer from and avoid customer disappointment.

Another case is that lots of employee time are wasted as they do not find the equipment on the next day to start work because the equipment is not available with this software in place you get the real-time location of each piece of equipment.


For equipment maintenance, equipment tracking and maintenance software can be beneficial it provides security to assets as it provides real-time information of assets and equipment. It gives the upper hand when equipment travels from one working location to another.

Management of risk is critical for any business - substantially more so for private ventures dealing with an armada of vehicles and hefty hardware. On the off chance that the underlying expense of acquiring an observing framework is providing you the opportunity to stop and think, consider the ROI you'll get in the long haul.

Late deliveries and moderate assistance specialists won't just disappoint clients, however negative informal exchange can likewise cost you thousands in possible business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How equipment tracking is done?

For equipment tracking, asset tracking techniques are used such as Barcode, QR Code, RFID, etc. These technologies come in tags form, these tags are stickered to the equipment and each tag has a unique identification number that is helpful with providing real-time information.

2. How do you keep track of equipment information?

With an equipment tracking system, you can get all the important information at your fingertips. This software allows you to keep track of leased equipment with return due dates.

3. Which industry can use equipment tracking software?

All those industries that have a lot of equipment can use equipment tracking software. For example, construction, food, and beverage, manufacturing, automotive industry.

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