Asset Tracking for Technology Businesses

Need to keep track of your hardware and physical infrastructure?Take control by storing your information in one, centralized location.

Get rid of Spreadsheets one and for all

Take control of your equipment by storing, organizing, and using its data more effectively. Have greater visibility into your inventory and assets, and access information whenever you need to.

Upload all your existing data with ease using IT asset Discovery

Automatically merge your current asset information to the cloud. Merge all your hardware and software information in one place while storing specific details like RAM & CPU type.

Streamline your Service & Maintenance schedules

  • Create custom alerts for routine maintenance activities to reduce unplanned system failures
  • Use the help-desk &tech support system to flag breakdowns with ease.
  • Generate support tickets, schedule maintenance, and generate reports on performance & status.

RFID, Barcode, & QR Code

  • Trace up to thousands of computers and equipment across different locations with custom Barcodes & RFID codes.
  • Scan them en-mass for fast audits using our iOS& Android apps.

Store Specific Information in Custom Fields

  • Upload your existing data to Asset Infinity with ease
  • Create custom fields for specialized item details so you can always find the right information.

Keep Your Documentation Secure

  • Manage warranties and legal documents in one system
  • Built on Microsoft Azure so your information is always secure
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