Asset Infinity is multi-lingual – We support almost all languages

Reports and Graphs

Lots of graphs and reports for the users to give the comprehensive information regarding the assets.

Barcode/QR Code Tracking

Create and design multiple barcode sticker templates. Select single or multiple assets to create and print barcodes right from the application. Scan barcodes in the application to retrieve all information of assets

Linked Assets

Link assets together to create a group of assets. Linked assets move together during the check-in/out and discard process. Link multiple assets with their child assets at once using built-in spreadsheet tool or by uploading excel templates.

Manage your multiple location assets from the Head Office

Manage and track your assets of all the location from a single place. Schedule preventive maintenance activities for the assets and assign the activities to the particular employee on the location. Create your own activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections.  Classify these activity types based on the spend – amount to be paid (when you pay to a vendor for an activity), amount to be received (when your customer pays you for an activity) or no amount associated

Linked Assets

Link assets together to create a group of assets. Linked assets move together during the check-in/out and discard process

Owner of asset

Define whether your organization owns the assets or a partner (vendor/customer) owns the asset. This is useful when you have assets on rent or lease.

Schedule Occurrence

Define occurrence of the schedule as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom

One Time Schedule

– Ability to create one-time schedules that create only one activity for a given date and time

Manage Spare parts inventory at all the location

Spare parts of the machineries should be managed along with the assets, so that any breakdown in any location shouldn’t hamper the productivity. Spare parts are different from assets – they don’t need tracking and have quantities mentioned. Add items with information like Average Price, Units, Descriptions and upload multiple files.  Link spare parts with asset or asset category for reference. Define re-order levels or minimum stock levels of items at different locations to raise alerts if an item goes below the defined quantity.

Simple Inventory Management

Simple inventory management with 3 functions – add, move and draw

Custom Information

Store any additional custom information with spare parts items

Data Export

Export all data into excel at any time

Reports & Graphs

Lots of reports like cost of inventory added, stock reports and more

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