N-level Asset Categories & Location

Multi level locations and categories make it simple to map your asset management requirements into Asset Infinity

Custom Asset Status

Create your own asset status and classify these status into Allotted, Un-allotted or Discarded – Allotted may have status like “In Use”, “Out for Repair”, un-allotted can be “In Stock”, “Installed – Not for Use”, and Discarded can be “Sold”, “Lost”, “Stolen”

User Roles & Permissions

Create multiple roles based on the asset categories and locations – asset lists are shown only based on asset categories and locations assigned to that role

Reports & Graphs

Number of pre-generated reports & graphs are available to check the assets performances.

Track your assets from anywhere, anytime

Asset Infinity is fully hosted on cloud platform and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, any-device. Asset Infinity gives you guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Asset Infinity is multi-lingual and support’s almost all languages. The application automatically adopts to your time zones by detecting your browser settings.


24×7 Email support to answer all your queries.

Single Page Application

Asset Infinity is a single-page application for fast and efficient asset management

Currency Setting

Change the application currency to your local currency.

Data Export

Export all data into excel any time with built-in export features .

Manage consumable items with Asset Infinity

Consumable items are the items whose inventory needs to be tracked and maintained. Add Information like average price, units, description and upload multiple files with the items. Define re-order levels or minimum stock levels of items at different locations to raise alerts if an item goes below the defined quantity.

Stock Availability

View stock available at all locations at any time.


Lots of reports like cost of inventory added, stock reports and more.

Data Export

Export all data into excel at any time.

Simple Functions

Simple inventory management with 3 functions – add, move and draw.

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