Linked Assets

Link assets together to create a group of assets. Linked assets move together during the check-in/out and discard process

Asset Tracking

Track the movements of the assets when are they going out of the premises and when the assets are returning

Preventive Maintenance

Create your own activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections

Purchase & Requisitions

Asset Request form extends with details like Asset Name, Description, Quantity, Approx. Value, Required Date and Remarks.

Track Media Equipments

Media equipments need to be moved to different locations as per the requirements. So, manual tracking of these equipments can be very difficult and increases the risk of theft and lost.

But with the help of Asset Infinity, all the equipments can be tracked with the help of check-in & check-out with the users information who has the possession of the equipment.

Allotted Upto

Set the date of return for the assets for users, departments and location.


Create PDF documents while allotting assets for sign-off sheet or delivery challans

Asset allotment

Allot single or multiple assets to users, departments and locations


Generate barcode directly through the system and tag all your assets with a barcode.

Physical Equipment Audits

With Asset Infinity, equipment auditing can be done easily. Asset check-in/check-outs, asset allotment and asset return can be maintained in the system and at the time of audit all these entries can be check and verified.

Asset movement History

Check movement history of single or multiple assets with all information and date-time and user details.

Easy Allotment/Return

Quick, fast and simple pop-ups for allot and return process on assets

Returning Assets

Attach files, remarks or change condition of asset or add custom information while returning assets

Allotment emails

Get system generated mails on the asset allotments.

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