Preventive Maintenance (CMMS)

Create activities for single or multiple assets by using spreadsheet. Create your own activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections.


Track all updates done on asset information by any user in your organization

Easy Update

Update single or multiple assets at once using our built-in spreadsheet tool

Inventory Management

Manage your consumable items with inventory management module in the Asset Infinity. Define the reorder level to avoid shortfall for the consumable items

Asset Infinity in Hospitality

Established as well as speciality & boutique hospitality chains, hotels, restaurants and all other hospitality providers are today faced with competition, replacement & maintenance of aging assets and the challenge of managing multiple locations and business needs in a fixed stringent budget. The primary role of Asset Infinity as a Hospitality & Hotel Asset Management application is to provide a centralized & automated data bank of all hotel assets.

Asset Allotment

Allot single or multiple assets to users, departments and locations

Barcoding Assets

Tagging the assets make the tracking of assets easy.

Allotted Upto

Define an expiry date to the assets allotted to get reminders for returning the assets

Sign-Off for Asset Allotment

Create PDF documents while allotting assets for sign-off sheet or delivery challans

Track all your assets with just a click

Access all your asset information on the dashboard. With customizable column you can select which information should be displayed on the top regarding your assets. You can also assign the maintenance of the assets to a particular user and track its maintenance activities.

Simple Interface

Simple interface which lists all the assets on the dashboard

Customizable Views

Select asset columns/information to be shown on the dashboard – including custom information

Export excel/PDF

Export all/filtered assets into Excel or PDF

Action on multiple assets

Advanced multiple selection on assets to perform any action

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