Fleet Management

Manage your Ambulance and other fleet expenses and assets installed in it from the application.

Asset Movement Tracking

Track your moveable assets and can access the current location where it is being used.

Insurance Renewals

Set remainders for the insurance renewals for all your valuable assets, so that you never miss out any renewals.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintain proper scheduled maintenance of the equipments, set remainder for the schedules and auto intimations to the vendor for the service call via email.

Inventory Management

There are many items in a daily use of hospitals and healthcare institutes whose inventory needs to be tracked daily. The purpose of daily tracking is that these institutes can’t afford the shortfall for these items.

With help of Asset Infinity you don’t need to check the stocks again and again. Just set the re-order level for the items and whenever the items in a stock get below the re-order level, it will show an alert.

3 Simple functions

Simple inventory management with 3 functions – add, move and draw.

Attach files or Remarks

You can attach files or include remarks and custom information while performing inventory transactions.

Stock Checking

View stock available at all locations at any time

Transaction Reports

View all transactions done and filter out based on type of transaction, item, locations, dates or users.

Schedule maintenance activities for your assets

There are many assets whose maintenance and insurance activities need to be tracked and perform the activities on time to time. Just simply create schedules for these activities and assign those activities to the concern person then the system will notify the assignee through notifications and emails whenever the activity approaches – these are automatically sent to the assignee as per the reminder frequency set


These can be any activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections. You can classify these activity types based on the spend – amount to be paid (when you pay to a vendor for an activity), amount to be received (when your customer pays you for an activity) or no amount associated.

Activity Color Coding

Red for already due, blue for activities in future and black for activities that are pending today

Attach Files and Description

Attach files and add descriptions for schedules along with the start and end dates of a schedule

Export pending activities

You can take out pending activities in the excel sheet

Activities back-up

Option to view deleted activities, in case activities are deleted by any one by mistake.

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