Inventory Management

Manage Consumables and spare parts items which are needed along with the assets. Add items with information like Average Price, Units, and descriptions also you can attach multiple files with the items.

Platform Independent

Works on desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets – responsive design to keep users connected all the time.


A vast knowledge base covering all topics with step-by-step instructions and videos also we are available for you 24×7 on email support.

Preventive Maintenance (CMMS)

Create activities for single or multiple assets by using spreadsheet. Create your own activity types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspections.

Track all the assets and services from the single location

Track all your moveable, non-moveable, on-premises, off-premises assets of any location through one place. Create schedule checks and maintenance and set reminders for the schedules and assign these schedules to the particular users.

Maintain the stock of the spare parts for your assets, so that you never run out of the stocks at the time of any faults.

Asset Tracking

Easy tracking by the use of Barcode tagging, scan the tag and access all the information regarding the asset.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance activities for single or multiple assets at once and assign the activities to the employees.

Inventory Management

Inventory items are the consumables and spare parts that can be managed with assets

Asset Register

Simple interface which lists all the assets on the dashboard.

Complaint/Breakdown maintenance

Ticket raising system for any fault, when ticket is raised emails and notifications are sent to the users in the user group or to the assignee if the ticket is assigned to an assignee. Update open and assigned tickets with remarks to change the assignee, related asset, location, user group, priority and included inventory items. Close a ticket by marking it as closed – application records the closure date and time

Create User Groups

Group of users who work as a helpdesk for different type of tickets. For example, User Group “IT” will have users responsible for IT, User Group “Plant” will have people responsible for breakdowns in the plant. Multiple user groups can be created based on your business requirements

Priority of Tickets

Priority master can be set from the application settings

Ticket Filters

Filter out tickets based on status, there are basically 3 status for the tickets Open, assigned & closed.


Built-in reports with filters on tickets like Asset, Location, User Group, Assignee, Priority, Status, Reported Date Range and Closure Date Range, and a free-text search

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